Are you a committed real estate agent or just a hobbyist?
If you want to be the go-to agent to work with in your area, then you have to possess the most sought-after ability of the 21st century: learning faster!
Before you throw your hands up in the air and tell me it’s impossible for you to even remember somebody’s name – let alone retain the information – because you have a bad memory…
I’m gonna stop you and say that’s not a good enough reason to not improve.
Let me tell you something: a bad memory doesn’t exist. What does exist is an untrained memory. The problem is we weren’t taught to think faster, memorize or know how to solve problems by learning better.
I recently had the opportunity of speaking with Jim Kwik, the most sought-after Brain Coach for movie stars, politicians and entrepreneurs.
Our conversation covered many powerful tips on how to optimize our brains.
With these cutting-edge and super easy techniques, you can learn faster and better.
Wanna know the not-so-secret formula on how to become a more attractive salesperson and leader?

M.O.M. Knows Best

The 3 keys to a better memory are also the recipes to being a better human being.
I want you to remember how special it felt every time your mom would remember an important date or accomplishment. You felt special and knew that she cared.
Well, being the in demand broker and the only person to work with is to be just like your Mom.
Remembering is caring, and when a client sees that you remembered not only their name, but other important facts about them, then you demonstrate not only your competency to do the work, but also the care that you’ve invested in them.
So let’s break down M.O.M. letter by letter…



According to Jim, the reason why you don’t remember names is because there’s no motivation behind learning them.
Everyone remembers the name of the person they’re attracted to or if they’re good for their business.
Motivation is the biggest key to being a memory expert and in order to be one, Jim suggests you fuel your motivation with questions.
Take a moment to ask yourself why you want to remember the person’s name. Do you want to do business with them by helping them sell their house? Will this agent help you generate more referrals?
Find the reason as to why you NEED to remember the person’s name because reasons reap results!


Jim eloquently says that the art of memory is the art of attention. And I’m totally in agreement with him!
So don’t blame your retention for not being able to remember your client’s name. You simply weren’t paying attention to them.
Being focused and interested in the conversation you’re having with a client, friend or loved one will help you be powerfully present in the moment you’re sharing with them and in turn will improve your memory.
It’s vital to be present when you’re with someone.
Jim says that being silent and listening to what they have to say shows that you care for them… and that alone will get you halfway to the sale!