5 Fundamental Questions to Tap Into Your Greatness – #TomFerryShow

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In real estate, we pride ourselves on getting answers quickly for our clients.

We extol “speed to lead” and getting homes sold faster than anybody else.

But when you take a step back, sometimes speed isn’t the priority. Going deep is what matters most.

And that’s why, on today’s #TomFerryShow, I’m sharing with you the five life-defining questions that took me 18 months to answer.

18 months.

That’s 547 days.

787 thousand minutes…

…that I spent digesting, contemplating, and formulating answers.

Wanna know those questions?


Everything Worthwhile Takes Time and Effort

You’ve probably heard me mention the name Mike Vance before. Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and Mother Teresa all considered him a confidante and relied on his creativity and guidance.

And so did I, even if I was way out of my league as a young upstart trying to discover my purpose in life.

I’d spent a small fortune to get some one-on-one time with Mike, and the first time we met, he told me the one common bond among all the successful people he’d worked with – they had all answered the five fundamental questions.

Of course, I immediately wanted to know what they were.

But they weren’t the type of questions that can be answered immediately. Or quickly, even.

They needed to marinate. They require exploration.

In my case, that journey took 18 months to feel I’d answered them satisfactorily.


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Have I Kept You in Suspense Long Enough?

I know this might seem like a long preface, but these questions require the right framing before you see them. You must understand that you can’t just dive in, answer them and start living a new life tomorrow. Which… I’m sure you now do understand.

So here they are:

  1. What’s your purpose? Why are you here?
  2. What are your God-given/natural talents?
  3. What are your values? What matters most to you?
  4. It’s 20 years from now. How is the world going to experience you?
  5. Who would you be if you were already there?

See what I mean? Heavy, right?

But when you get clarity on these five, you will operate with much greater purpose in everything you do.


Let’s Dig Into No. 5

Today I want to take a closer look at question number five.

Once you gain clarity of who you want to become, this question basically asks how will you behave differently when you achieve your goals and become who you aspire to be.

See, the traditional model people follow is this…

They DO the work so they can HAVE the things they want and BE the person they want to be.

Do —> Have —> Be.

This question, though, rearranges that order…

How will you act when you get there? What if you started acting like that today instead?

BE the person you want to be. DO the work in that mindset. HAVE the rewards that much sooner.

Be —> Do —> Have.

Understand the difference? What’s stopping you from acting how you will act “when you arrive”?

That’s right… nothing!

And by adopting the behaviors now of who you want to become, you’ll get there much faster.


What Now?

So right at this very moment, you’re at a little crossroads…

Will you finish reading this blog and race back to your fast-paced life and business, or will you choose to devote the time necessary to answer these five questions?

If you truly want to tap into your greatness, I encourage you to block out some time to start pondering these five questions and formulating your answers.

The process and result will give you greater clarity, purpose and personal fulfillment than you ever knew possible.

Let me know your plans in the comments below.




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