I typically try to avoid sports analogies here, but humor me for a second:
Have you ever seen a lopsided football game or a basketball game where one team keeps doing the same thing over and over and the other team just can’t seem to stop them?
There’s a good reason why that happens:
The one team has discovered a play that works, and they’re going to keep running it over and over and over again until their opponent proves they can stop it.
Now think about your business in those terms…
Are you consistently running plays that work?
Or are you doing dumb stuff that doesn’t produce the results you desire?
Here’s the thing: Running “plays that work” can mean anything from big-picture routines to using the perfect objection handler that gets people to agree to an appointment every time.
On today’s #TomFerryShow, we’re talking about three “big-picture” areas of your business where you can start running the right plays…

Play No. 1: A Successful Day Begins the Night Before

Waking up ready to attack the day is key to successful entrepreneurship.
If you’re tired, groggy, unprepared, distracted, frantic… Any of those things can kill your productivity.
And do you know what dictates those feelings? How well you prepare the night before and how much rest you get!
That’s why creating a strong nighttime routine is the first “play” to increased productivity!
A positive nighttime routine might look like this:

  • Thinking about your schedule the next day so you’re clear on your objectives when you wake up
  • Unplugging and getting off your devices
  • Reading something to improve yourself and your mindset
  • Spending quality time with loved ones
  • Feeding yourself something soothing and healthy like a Chamomile tea

Flash back to that sports analogy I opened this blog with… The reason that football team is successful is due to all 11 players doing their part, knowing where to go, making their blocks, and executing the plan. Those are all the individual components of creating a play that works. For you, it might be these things above or whatever you’ve identified as the things you need to do to get in the right state of mind to wake up refreshed and ready to make the most of your day.

Play No. 2: Kick-Start Your Day with a Powerful Morning Routine

Having a morning routine has been a game-changer for me. It’s a play that works, and I run it every single day.
There’s a good chance it would do the same for you.
The key is finding what components work best for you to start your day. For me, it’s

  • Gym
  • Gratitudes
  • Meditation
  • Review my schedule
  • Getting clear on my objectives and outcomes needed from the day ahead

Are you doing those things? Do you have your own morning routine? Or are you “winging it”?
What’s really important when starting  your day is to avoid the “dumb stuff” that can distract you mentally and physically… getting wrapped up in national or world news that has no bearing on your day, procrastinating because you don’t feel like working, etc. Create your winning plays and execute on them!