When you show up for work – whether that’s your home office or your actual office…
Do you already know what you need to do for the day?
Whether it’s…

  • A task list bouncing around your head (Good)
  • A sticky note prepared the day before (Better)
  • A fully structured schedule built into your phone (Best)

…I sincerely hope you know your “plan of attack” before you arrive – instead of figuring it out when you get there.
Assuming you do know all the tasks you need to accomplish, I have a very important question for you:
Where would I see appointment setting time in your calendar?
Is it at the bottom of a sticky note after Organize My Office and Get My Car Washed?
Or is it permanently tattooed into your schedule every single day?
If your goal is making money, it better be the latter!

If You’re Not Doing This, Your Business Will Suffer

Let’s cut to the chase…
Your revenue is not dependent on focusing on:

  • Organizing your office
  • Getting caught up on office drama
  • Generating leads
  • Making calls

It’s more specific than that. If your desired end result is more signed contracts, the number one activity that leads to that goal is setting appointments.
Your entire focus needs to be on setting appointments and going on appointments.
If you’re ready to break through and start booking more appointments, follow these three steps…

“Right Focus” Step 1: Awareness

The two paragraphs above pretty much outline the first step toward booking more appointments.
If you take a step back and look at your schedule, is that crucial appointment-setting time etched into your schedule on a daily basis?
Compare where your focus is currently to where it needs to be.