A conversation about the importance of home ownership with Steve Harney on this week’s #TomFerryShow seemed like the ideal opportunity to introduce some ideas I’ve had recently.
The objective is to attract more millennials and/or first-time buyer clients in order to “get in on the ground floor” and be able to serve their real estate needs throughout their lifetimes.
Sound good? But there’s more…
These ideas will also allow you to leverage your buyer clients into more business, essentially getting “first dibs” on additional young people who are new to home ownership.
Ready to learn ‘em? Let’s go!

Idea No. 1: “My First Home” Video Series

Imagine this the next time you work with a first-time buyer…
With their permission, you document on video every step of their journey – from their initial online search to getting their loan approved, how they found you, the process of shopping for a home, selecting the right property, making offers and closing.
You can call it “My First Home” or come up with a name of your own.
Along the way, interview them to ask all the pertinent questions:

  • What was the trigger for you wanting to buy?
  • What sites did you use to start looking?
  • At what point did you realize you could do it?
  • When did you start saving for your down payment?
  • What initiated the process of saving?
  • How did you find me and why did you choose me?
  • What’s your family history with home ownership?

Not only will this create a powerful narrative that needs to be more out in the open, but this type of video will be extremely beneficial for others who are considering buying their first home.
Better yet, this video will position you as someone who knows how to hold the hands of first-time buyers and ease them through the entire process. You can demonstrate that this daunting objective doesn’t have to be so scary!


Idea No. 2: Use Google Adwords to Inform Additional Video Content

When millennials and first-time buyers hit the Internet to begin the home search process, I’m willing to bet they’re not opening YouTube and typing in “How do I find a real estate agent to help me buy my first home?”
No, they’re not.
They’re asking questions like “How do I buy my first house?” or “How can I fix my credit to buy a home?”
But don’t just guess.
Google Ads can shed light on those search results. Use it to find out commonly searched phrases and then use that information to dictate your future video content.
By creating videos that speak directly to those common searches, you’re bound to increase your exposure and position yourself favorably in your market.
If you’re not adept with Google Ads, you can basically do the same thing by typing various keywords into YouTube’s search bar and see what topics auto-fill. A site called Keyword Tool can also be a valuable resource.