You’re an entrepreneur… a creator… a business owner.
Which has a huge upside. It can be so incredibly rewarding.
But also throws challenges your way…
Pitfalls you must avoid.
In starting my own businesses and investing in 47 different companies throughout my life, I’ve identified nine of the biggest challenges you need to overcome as a business owner.
I’m sharing them with you today with the aim of preparing you for what to expect instead of being blindsided when you confront these challenges.
Ready? Let’s go!
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Business Owner Challenge No. 1: Belief

If there’s a fraction of doubt in your mind that your business is going to be successful, you’re already in trouble.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t be practical.
But before starting a business, you need 100% belief that it’s going to work.
Without that critical element, your doubt will lead to paralysis, and paralysis leads to inaction.
Eliminate any doubts you have before taking that next step toward building your business.

Business Owner Challenge No. 2: Getting the Right People on Board and in Alignment

When hiring, you basically have two options…
You can go out and recruit people you don’t know and convince them to join your team.
Or you can team up with people you know and trust and slot them strategically into various roles.
I’m a big believer that when starting a business, working with people you trust and who are in alignment with your vision is absolutely crucial.
If those people need training to master their roles, get it for them. Get them the exposure they need and give them that opportunity.
But you gotta trust ‘em and make sure they’re in complete alignment with your vision.