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I love stories about people triumphing over adversity.

That’s why I was so happy to welcome David Goggins into my office for this episode of the #TomFerryShow.

David took what could have been a tragic tale and turned it into something beautiful… and inspiring… and truly extraordinary.

You may have seen him at our 2017 Success Summit, where he wowed the crowd with his story of being an out-of-shape cockroach exterminator who went on to become a legendary Navy SEAL and world-class endurance athlete.

In the time since, he’s written a phenomenal book, Can’t Hurt Me, which currently sits second only to Michelle Obama’s book on the Amazon charts.

In this episode, I had one primary goal in mind: Getting him to translate his incredible mental toughness into a relatable situation for you as a real estate professional. If you’ve ever doubted yourself or let fear dictate your actions, his message is one you simply must hear.


You Determine Your Own Potential

Like me, David is a big believer in the power of one’s mindset.

He says your mindset determines what’s possible for you.

If you’re fearful or hesitant, your possibilities are extremely limited.

But when you overcome those fears, everything opens up to you.

You see, David always wanted to become a Navy SEAL, but he was afraid of water. Overcoming that fear was the first step toward all the incredible successes he’s achieved since.


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Don’t Let Your Fears Own You

If your fears or aversions are limiting your possibilities, it’s time to face them head-on, David says.

Start by making a list of the things you don’t like to do. Then, start at the top of that list and conquer those fears. (We’ve created a worksheet for you to make this easy. Download it here.)

If you don’t like making calls, David says to force yourself to start making a ton of calls.

And guess what happens? You’ll get over that fear.

When you solely play to your strengths, you’re limiting what you’re capable of achieving.

David’s approach is to triple down on your weaknesses to expand the opportunities available to you.

Change the story in your head from “I’m afraid to make phone calls” to “I’m the best provider of real estate services and I’m going to make my calls to ensure people receive the service they deserve.”


“There’s No One Better Than Me”

Another common mistake David says people make is mentally elevating their competition and/or discounting their own worth.

He did it himself while training to become a Navy SEAL, thinking others were better than him. Then he started focusing on his own strengths, and everything changed.

Put no one above you, he advises.

Never forget all the hard work you’ve put in to get you where you are in life. Even if someone else has a stronger track record than you, you need to believe that you can out-work, out-hustle, and out-perform the competition.

If that’s not your mentality, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage BEFORE the competition has even begun. Don’t do that!


Where Do You Want to Be?

One of the most powerful techniques David shared in this interview was the power of visualization.

There’s great power in being able to imagine where you want to be and what kind of story you will have created when you get there.

David’s advice is to continually ask yourself, “How am I going to feel when I pull this off?”

Use that “future self” feeling to drive you and keep you motivated and in action every day until you get there.

It all starts with facing your fears so you can open up a world of possibilities for yourself. Download this worksheet to put David’s advice into action.



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