Jay Abraham on How to Gain Trust, Relevancy and Respect – #TomFerryShow

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Let me ask you a few questions…

Are you content operating one transaction at a time, moving on and starting all over?

Are you okay with being one fish in a sea of agents and always praying to the real estate gods that people choose you?

Are you content hoping past clients remember you the next time they decide to buy or sell? Or when they have a friend to refer?

If you’re sick and tired of any of these things and you know there’s more available to you, I have the perfect guest for you on today’s #TomFerryShow – marketing guru extraordinaire Jay Abraham.

Jay is the perfect guest because he’s spent decades teaching businesspeople how to build stronger relationships with their clients – and grow their businesses exponentially in the process.

Today’s show is all about sharing insights from his “Strategy of Preeminence” to gain trust, relevancy and respect – and help you become viewed as “the only choice” in your marketplace.


Let’s Start with Your Moral Obligation…

Think about how you view your role for a second. Are you there to serve your client’s every wish? Some might say yes. Not Jay.

“Everything you do is out of a moral obligation to help your client see what they should be doing,” he says.

YOU are the expert. They’re looking to you for that expertise.

That means it’s your role to take a stand and always ensure your clients’ actions are in their best interests.

Allowing a client to do it “their way” is allowing them to underachieve the optimal outcome, Jay says.

“If you can’t be strong enough and committed enough to be the leader, then you’ve already lost.”


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Business is Transactional. People Are Not.

Agents sometimes have a tendency to slip into a “transactional” mindset. They’ve done this a million times, they know what happens when, so they walk people through the process, close the deal and move on.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying they’re cold about it. It’s just that they’re maybe not as warm as they should be.

Do you know anyone guilty of this behavior?

Here’s why this is a major mistake. Jay’s Strategy of Preeminence is all about serving from a place of empathy. That means you need to start each transaction from your client’s perspective, not your personal perspective.

How do you do that? By asking great questions. By learning to be a better listener. By taking a genuine interest in people. By demonstrating a willingness to see how the other side sees life.

Do these things and suddenly you’ll elevate your standing in people’s minds. They’ll know you care and they’ll consider you a friend and never again ask their spouse, “Who was that Realtor we used last time, honey?”


Tap Into the Emotion

So let’s say you’ve taken Jay’s advice and you start putting yourself in the client’s shoes, asking the right questions and acting as their trusted advisor.

How can you use that insight to attract new business?

Jay says what will truly separate you from the competition is being able to express to the client what they really want but have never heard from anyone else.

What’s that mean? It means instead of helping people “buy a house” you’re “advising people to help them discover the mecca for their family’s growth.” Instead of “selling 50 homes” you’re “entrusted with $30 million worth of the most significant investments 50 families will make in their lifetimes.”

Go deep. Inject emotion. Make it meaningful.


Here’s Why…

Jay says interacting with people in this way will create the “most liberating and exciting way to live your life.”

He’s right, of course. The more connected you become with your clients, the more mindshare you’ll occupy, and the more business they’ll send your way in the form of repeat business and referrals.

Never forget why Jay always advises to use the word “client” rather than “customer.”

The word “customer” means someone who buys a commodity or service.

A “client” is someone under the care, protection and well-being of another.

Treat everyone by that definition of “client” and you will become their most trusted advisor for LIFE, not one transaction.



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