So you set a goal… and then what? What do you do next?
You’re all excited and you start working on it, and… as soon as that initial enthusiasm fizzles out, you fall off track?
Sound familiar?
If so, you’re in the right place.
I’m sharing with you today seven steps I put into action immediately after setting any goal.
These steps make your goals more meaningful, more powerful and more achievable.
Let’s get started…

Step #1: Clarity is Key

Vague goals don’t inspire action. That’s why it’s important to get very specific about what you really want.
Make sure your goals are specific and measurable…
What do you want?
Why do you want it?
When will you achieve it by?
So your goal isn’t “I want to lose weight.”
It’s “I’m going to lose 12 pounds and an inch on my waist by January 15 because I know I’ll feel better and I’m going to beaches of Belize at the end of January.”

Step #2: Visualize It

Have you ever created a vision board?
It might sound like an old-school exercise, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.
Plus, I add a little twist when I make mine…
I encourage you to create your own vision board not just about the monetary reward or the experiences you plan to enjoy, but also one that shows you actually doing the work. When you add in everything that needs to happen to achieve your goal, it helps you create clarity around exactly how you’ll get there.

Step #3: Condition Yourself Daily

The third step I take in this process is to create a daily visualization discipline.
We’ve all heard the stories of champion athletes who saw him or herself winning the title thousands of times before actually achieving the feat. This is the same thing.
Simply close your eyes and see yourself achieving your goal, and make sure to do this EVERY DAY!
In doing so, you’re conditioning your conscious and unconscious mind, which is a very powerful thing.