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Volatility in the market doesn’t mean you need to lower your expectations.

I’m a firm believer that 2019 will be full of opportunity and can be your absolute #BestYearEver.

If you agree, I’ve got six steps that should form the foundation of your success over the next 13 months.

Ready? Let’s go!


2019 #BestYearEver Step 1: Set a Meaningful Goal

Success starts with having something to aspire to.

Without a goal in mind, you have little motivation to go perform.

So the first step toward making 2019 your best year ever is setting a big, meaningful goal

  • For your number of transactions
  • For your annual sales volume (transactions goal X your average sales price)
  • For your year-end GCI

If you don’t know where to start, I’m going to challenge you to set your goal for a minimum of 25 transaction sides in 2019.

Once you’ve set your goals, get them up and visual. Don’t hide them away in a drawer. Make it known what you’re aiming for to hold yourself accountable.


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2019 #BestYearEver Step 2: Know Your “Why?”

Remember what Tony Robbins has said for years: People will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure.

With that in mind, put some context around the meaningful goal you set in step one…

  • What would the achievement of your goal mean for you?
  • And on the flip side, what are the consequences if you fall short? Who will suffer?
  • Who else does your goal impact?

When you answer these questions, your goal becomes more than just a series of numbers. It becomes a story filled with emotion and feeling.

The more narrative and emotion you bring to your goals, the more compelled you’re going to be to do the work that makes them a reality.

What’s your “Why”?


2019 #BestYearEver Step 3: Know & Act On Your Daily Number

Business is math. It’s critical to know how many conversations you need to have to achieve your goals. I want to help you figure it out…

If you’re a newer agent, it takes approximately 80 conversations to result in one sale.

If you’re a veteran agent, that ratio should be closer to 40:1.

(If you already know your exact number… FANTASTIC! Use that in the calculations below.)

These conversations can be anyone from your database, leads coming in or new people you meet.

So here’s the formula…

Multiply however many conversations you need by how many deals you established as your goal in step one above.

Then, divide that number by 10 months. (Yes, 10, not 12.)

That will determine how many conversations you need on a monthly basis.

You can then break it down to your Daily Number by dividing by how many days you plan to work in a month.

For example:

80 conversations X goal of 25 deals = 2000 conversations. 2000÷10=200 monthly conversations.

200÷22 workdays in an average month=9.09 conversations. Because you can’t talk to .09 of a person, round up to 10. (Always round up, not down, to be safe.)


2019 #BestYearEver Step 4: Track & Measure All Your Numbers

Quick… what’s the one major drawback of being an entrepreneur?

If you’re like most agents I speak to, it boils down to one thing:

So much uncertainty!

Where will your next client come from? When will he/she/they arrive?

That unpredictability can lead to unwanted drama in your business… and your life.

So how do you eliminate all that uncertainty, lack of predictability and drama all at once?

It’s simple, actually…

Start tracking and measuring all your numbers. When you know your numbers, you can predict how close you are to landing that next listing or connecting with a new buyer client.

Better yet, you can stop all the worrying, stress and drama that comes with that uncertainty.

When you know your numbers, every time you hear a “no,” you know you’re one conversation closer to finding your next client.

Do it for your sake and for those around you. You’ll be not only achieve more success, but you’ll be far happier, too!


2019 #BestYearEver Step 5: Start Now!

If a homeowner walked into your office in the next five minutes and asked you to list her house, when will it impact your bottom line?

January, if things go well? More likely February or even March?

So you get the point. You can’t wait until January 1 to start creating 2019’s results.

The time to start is right now!


2019 #BestYearEver Step 6: Celebrate Your Wins!

You work hard. You hustle. You deal with all the stress.

And then oftentimes, you move right on to do it all over again.

Here’s the problem with that scenario:

If you don’t acknowledge your hard work and the fruits of your labor, work becomes a grind.

You get bitter and burned out.

That’s why it’s so important to recognize when you’ve done the work and achieved the desired results… and CELEBRATE it!

It doesn’t have to be something extravagant. It just needs to make your work worthwhile. It needs to remind you why you devote yourself to your business wholeheartedly.


Make these six steps part of your routine and 2019 is bound to be your #BestYearEver! Let me know specifically which step(s) you need to implement – and what has held you back in the past – in the comments below…




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