Volatility in the market doesn’t mean you need to lower your expectations.
I’m a firm believer that this year will be full of opportunity and can be your absolute #BestYearEver.
If you agree, I’ve got six steps that should form the foundation of your success over the next 13 months.
Ready? Let’s go!

Your#BestYearEver Step 1: Set a Meaningful Goal

Success starts with having something to aspire to.
Without a goal in mind, you have little motivation to go perform.
So the first step toward making this your best year ever is setting a big, meaningful goal

  • For your number of transactions
  • For your annual sales volume (transactions goal X your average sales price)
  • For your year-end GCI

If you don’t know where to start, I’m going to challenge you to set your goal for a minimum of 25 transaction sides this year.
Once you’ve set your goals, get them up and visual. Don’t hide them away in a drawer. Make it known what you’re aiming for to hold yourself accountable.

Your #BestYearEver Step 2: Know Your “Why?”

Remember what Tony Robbins has said for years: People will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure.
With that in mind, put some context around the meaningful goal you set in step one…

  • What would the achievement of your goal mean for you?
  • And on the flip side, what are the consequences if you fall short? Who will suffer?
  • Who else does your goal impact?

When you answer these questions, your goal becomes more than just a series of numbers. It becomes a story filled with emotion and feeling.
The more narrative and emotion you bring to your goals, the more compelled you’re going to be to do the work that makes them a reality.
What’s your “Why”?