Takeaway No. 1: Prepare Yourself to Avoid the “Brick Wall”

When you’re going 150 mph, slowing down to 70 feels like you hit a brick wall.
It’s important to mentally prepare yourself as the market changes to a more “normalized” state. No one is predicting doom and gloom, but if you haven’t prepared yourself in your head for a slowdown, it’s going to feel more severe than it really is.

Takeaway No. 2: Double Down on Prospecting

Tom Toole advises to make Q4 all about a constant commitment to prospecting and lead generation to fill your pipeline. That means doubling down on prospecting and being more aggressive. Where you’ll really win is in the long-term nurture game.
On Tom’s team, in order to qualify for lead flow, you have to prospect for at least four out of a possible 10 weekly sessions, plus hold two Open Houses and close two transactions monthly. If you can’t handle those minimums, you aren’t given new leads.

Takeaway No. 3: Make Things Easy on Yourself

When it comes to lead gen, Tom Toole recommends making your database your No. 1 source. Capitalize on these people who already know you and trust you to avoid the harder conversion.

Takeaway No. 4: Go Deeper to Succeed

Success in a changing market is all about asking the right questions and getting to the real motivation behind a move. People all have wants and needs when they sell, so go deeper and find out what those really are.

Takeaway No. 5: Re-Commit to Your Calendar

Scott Kompa says one of the most important things you can do to ensure success in a changing market is up your commitment to your calendar, including a powerful morning routine.
For him, that means participating in the 5:00 a.m. call every day, getting his day organized, a Peleton bike ride and then prospecting/appointment setting. Then he goes on appointments throughout the remainder of his day.
Follow Scott’s lead every day and you’re sure to succeed.