Success takes many shapes and many definitions.
No matter how you define it, you need others to help you get there.
That’s what this episode of the #TomFerryShow is all about.
I’m sharing with you eight fascinating people who have shaped my views, taught me lifelong lessons, introduced new ideas to me and basically helped me become who I am today.
These are just a few of many mentors and influencers I’ve known throughout my life.
Together, all these mentors create my “arc of perspective.”
I hope you enjoy these insights from:

  • Mike Vance
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Peter Diamandis
  • Tom Bilyeu
  • Nick Bollettieri
  • Todd Duncan
  • Tiffani Bova
  • Jay Abraham


Who’s in Your Arc?

It’s always a good idea to seek mentors in many different areas of your life: health, relationships, business, finance… whatever! Some can be tactical. Others can be purely mindset-related.
Here’s what to really look for: Someone who possesses one specific trait or ability that you’re attracted to.
When I look back on some of my mentors, they all had individual skills and/or philosophies I wanted to add to my toolbox.
Find people who appeal to you like that, lean in and soak up their wisdom.
Don’t forget: In today’s information-rich world, your mentor doesn’t even have to be alive. With all the technology available to us, you can learn from virtually anyone of significance throughout the course of history.

Here’s Your Homework

If you can’t immediately name five, six, seven people in your “arc of perspective,” I want you to work on that.
Remember: They say you become like the five people you spend the most time with.
That doesn’t mean you have to physically spend time with them. It can mean reading their words, watching their videos, studying their philosophies.
Download your homework worksheet here to help reinforce the importance of seeking out your own “arc of perspective.”
I’ve included some important categories to consider. Fill in the names of those who you model yourself after in each category, and then there are a couple “miscellaneous” spots as well.

I know this episode was a little different from the norm. Let me know what you thought below!