Listing Attraction System 1: Past Client CMA & Sticky Note

Does anything get a homeowner thinking about their opportunities more than being presented with the value of their home… ESPECIALLY in today’s climate, where their home value has likely appreciated by 50% in the last five years?
And is there anything more impressive to a homeowner considering a sale than a proactive real estate professional?
Those questions collide together in this first listing attraction system.
What you’re going to do is send an unsolicited CMA to all of your past clients (and sphere) who own a home in your marketplace.
(Don’t worry. If that sounds overwhelming, you can divide them up and do it over an extended period of time. I suggest two a day.)
BEFORE you send out a beautiful CMA to these people, add a sticky note with this message to the front:

A few days after you’ve sent the CMA and sticky note out, follow up with a phone call and ask the magic question, “Have you had any thoughts of selling?” and then be quiet and let them answer.
That engagement will go a long way, and you’re bound to win some listings with this method.

Tom Ferry - Success Summit


Listing Attraction System 2: Instagram Polls Hack

How can you use Instagram for more than marketing and pretty pictures?
The “Poll” feature in Instagram Stories is a great way to get people to identify themselves as viable listing prospects.
Simply create two polls:

  1. Are You Living in Your Dream House Now? YES / NO
  2. Have You Had Any Thoughts of Selling Your Home in 2018/2019? YES / NO

Most people will answer “No” to question one, and if those same people answer “Yes” to question two, that’s a hot lead! Follow up with a private DM to get in touch with the message, “Thanks for reaching out in my recent IG poll! I’d love to help you find your dream home!”

You don’t want to over-use this strategy, but a few times a year is perfect!