What an impressive array of questions I got to answer on this Q&A episode of the #TomFerryShow!
From marriages to mentors, old-school marketing methods and more, it’s a good one.
Watch the full episode for all the details, while here in the blog I’m breaking down a few of the most critical questions.

What Should I Look for in a Real Estate Mentor?

At different times you might’ve heard me refer to certain individuals as “my mentor.”
But that doesn’t mean I only have one.
It’s always a good idea to seek mentors in many different areas of your life: health, relationships, business, finance… whatever! Some can be tactical. Others can be purely mindset-related.
Here’s what to really look for: Someone who possesses one specific superpower that you’re attracted to.
When I look back on some of my mentors – Bill Mitchell, Mike Vance, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy – they all had individual skills and/or philosophies I wanted to add to my toolbox.
Find people who appeal to you like that, lean in and soak up their wisdom.
Don’t forget: In today’s information-rich world, your mentor doesn’t even have to be alive. With all the technology available to us, you can learn from virtually anyone of significance throughout the course of history.

What’s Your Advice for Couples Working Together?

The biggest dangers for couples who are also business partners is spending too much time together and not having a clear delineation between work time and personal time.
The best way to overcome those dangers is to ensure you each have your own clear roles and responsibilities. DON’T be “business buddies” who are joined at the hip and doing the same things together all day every day.
When you each have a clear role, then you’ll each have your own things happening throughout the day. And therefore, you’ll each have things to discuss when you get together later.
It’s unrealistic to expect you to cease all business talk after a certain time of day, but I also believe it’s a good practice to try to create a clear line and avoid “business talk” when you’re spending quality, personal time together. Always remember you’re partners in life before you’re partners in business.