It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a pack of gum or your family’s home
…You want to buy it from someone who is trustworthy, right?
Trust plays a HUGE role in the buying process.
In fact, it’s the No. 1 factor for consumers when choosing a real estate professional.
So we all agree trust is a “must-have” quality for you to succeed in this business?
Good. Because I asked the master of High Trust Selling himself, Todd Duncan, to join me for this episode of the #TomFerryShow.
Not only that, but I asked him to choose from the 14 Laws of High Trust Selling within his book and identify the three MOST IMPORTANT ones to share with you.
Keep reading to find out what he said…

The Law of the Bull’s-Eye

If You Don’t Aim for the Best Prospects, You’re Likely to Do Business with Any Prospect
Todd believes far too many sales professionals fall into the trap of doing business with high-maintenance, pain-in-the-ass clients.
If you’ve ever had that experience, I assume you would agree.
Life is too short to do business with people we don’t like.
The Law of the Bull’s-Eye is all about narrowing your focus toward the type of people you want to work with.
Todd has identified four types of prospects:

  • Low profit/High maintenance
  • High profit/High maintenance
  • Low profit/Low maintenance
  • High profit/Low maintenance

The first two, in most cases, are simply not worth the effort.
The last two are the types of clients you want to target.
Rather than using a shotgun approach to prospecting, aim for the bullseye of low maintenance clients who represent vast potential over the long run. Then, stick with them and follow up relentlessly, always from a place of genuine service.
Remember this gem from Todd: Most agents are too much about promotion, and not enough about emotion. Connect with the right people, build the relationship and gain their trust, and then reinforce that trust through your performance.