Listing Hack No. 1: Leverage Your Buyer

If you’ve got a buyer who has lost out on several homes but is pre-qualified and motivated, capitalize on that asset!
First off, identify the specific neighborhood where they want to buy. The more specific you can be, the better.
Next, write a letter to all the homeowners in that neighborhood.
Here’s what it should say:
Hello Neighbor,
I’m representing a client interested in buying your home. (Be as specific as possible about the desired property type, number of bedrooms, location, etc.)
They are approved by [Bank] and they recently lost out on a home they really wanted to buy.
They desperately want to live in your neighborhood.
We’ve identified your property as the ideal home for them.
Would you consider a one-day listing just to allow my client to see it?
Finally, send this letter to all the homes in that neighborhood in a hand-addressed and hand-stamped envelope with no real estate logos. The more you can make it look like a personal letter, invitation or birthday card, the better.
This exact hack recently led to an $8,000 commission for one of our coaching members from a $100 marketing investment, mailing to just 60 homeowners.

Tom Ferry - Success Summit