It’s one of my favorite quotes:
Do the thing, have the power.
Do not the thing, have not the power.

Today I want to focus on moving that second one to the first one…
I’m sure there’s been a point in your life when there’s something you know you should be doing, but you just didn’t do it.
You stopped doing the thing that gives you the power.
Why? Who knows.
Sometimes we lose motivation.
We lose energy.
We get lazy.
We resist.
Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really excuse your inaction.
Big aspirations require behavior that is aligned with your goals.
So if you’re feeling stuck or lazy or just not “doing the thing” for whatever reason, I’ve got three steps to propel you into action. Let’s go!

Step 1: Awareness

The first step toward increased action is to acknowledge it… and stop willfully ignoring your lack of action.
The next step is to address it head-on.
When I really need to get committed around something, I ask myself this question:
What are the serious negative consequences I’m going to experience if I continue this behavior of inaction?
Find those pain points that will drive you into action. Write them down. Create a list. Move that emotional needle.
Then look at the flip side:
What are the benefits of taking action? List ‘em out.
Together, identifying the fear, pain and pleasure will get you moving into action.