It only takes one…
One skill you “own” and completely embody.
It’s your Superpower!
But do you know yours?
In this #TomFerryShow, I’m talking about 5 Superpowers of Uber-Successful Real Estate Agents.
Here are three action steps for you to take from this episode:

  • Gain awareness of your superpower(s)
  • Acknowledge where you can improve
  • Make a decision, commit to that change and devise a plan with your coach

Let’s look at the 5 Superpowers:

Successful Agent Superpower No. 1: Ambitious Goals

Goals are powerful things.
They bring energy, passion and action to your business.
Uber-successful agents who set big, ambitious goals are inspired into massive action!
When you don’t have goals, you end up wandering aimlessly.
Set daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals that FIRE YOU UP!
Do your goals spur you into massive action? If not, create them!

Successful Agent Superpower No. 2: High Standards

How much would your business improve if you could eliminate the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys?
It’s an age-old dilemma of the real estate professional. At times you’re overflowing with leads and income… other times you’re scrambling for buyers and wondering where your next mortgage payment is coming from.
The solution to this problem is consistency.
And consistency is achieved through establishing minimum standards.
Uber-successful agents have standards that they REFUSE to fall below.
Such as:

  • X number of appointments weekly
  • Y number of active listings
  • Z number of pending/escrows

…at all times!
Don’t confuse these with goals. These are bare minimums that uber-successful agents will go to the ends of the earth to ensure are met.
Set those standards for your business, and more consistency is certainly in your future.