What if I gave you the opportunity to talk to an average of 10 people who are considering selling their house PLUS a whole bunch of interested buyers… EVERY weekend!
What would that be worth to you?
Here’s what I’m getting at…
Springtime means Open House season!
Are you excited?
Or do you dread the fact that homeowners want you to hold their house open and feel like you’re wasting your weekends sitting in empty houses?
If you dread it, it’s only because you’re not capitalizing on the huge opportunities in front of you. It’s up to YOU to make the most of your Open Houses.
In today’s #TomFerryShow, I’ve got 13 open house tips to help you maximize your next Open House – 3 tips for preparation, 7 ways to drive traffic, 2 methods to ensure you capture every visitor’s info, and one script designed to generate even more LISTINGS from your Open House.
Intrigued? C’mon, let’s get started!

3 Tips to Prepare for Success

  1. Throw a Party

Don’t create another boring Open House. Instead, think of it like a party! To create your strategy, know these three things:

  • Your customer
  • Your budget
  • Who you’re trying to attract
  1. Plan Your Food & Fun

To attract more people, hire a food truck to feed the masses and create a contest that offers an enticing prize, like an iPad.

  1. Send Invitations

Just like you would for any party, make sure to send invitations to the people you want to attend.

7 Ways to Attract the Right People

  1. Video Invite

Shoot a video and send it out one week prior to your Open House. Sell it and make it fun!

  1. Connect with the Neighbors

Doorknock the surrounding homes to make a face-to-face connection with nearby homeowners and invite them to your Open House party. By doing this, you’re planting the seed that you do things differently.

  1. Targeted Facebook Ads

Send your Open House video to everyone within the hyperlocal geographic area through targeted Facebook ads.

  1. Tell Your “Story”
    Create an Instagram story touting the fun, exciting Open House you’re planning. Be sure to clearly communicate all the pertinent info: Day, date, time, address, etc.
  2. Make it Worth Their While

Send a video email the day prior to the Open House showing your prize giveaway.

  1. Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign

On the day of your Open House, post AS MANY SIGNS as your community will allow! Directional signs, informational signs…whatever you got, make sure people see it.

  1. Impress the Prospects in Your Database

You know all those buyer and seller leads sitting in your database who “just aren’t ready yet” to make a move? Call them and personally invite them to your Open House. When they arrive to see how far above and beyond you’ve gone over the typical Open House, they’ll be impressed!
Optional: 8. Send a direct mail postcard or invitation announcing your Open House to your database and the hyperlocal community.