I really hope you watch my entire interview with Tom Bilyeu.
It’s part blueprint for how to live, part entrepreneurial insight, part inspiration and even part human biology lesson… but ALL stuff that relates directly to how you operate on a daily basis and how to achieve success.
Here in the blog, I’m breaking the interview down into my top 12 takeaways. Some of them are simple quotes, others are concepts that require greater explanation.
Let’s get started!

Takeaway No. 1:

“Control the resources. Then you can control the art.”
Tom learned this lesson as a broke film school graduate. When you control the resources, you then become capable of controlling the art itself.

Takeaway No. 2:

“I was only thinking about money, and it was a grind.”
Tom told himself from the time he was 11 years old that he’d one day be rich. But once he made that goal a reality, he realized money alone cannot be your motivation.

Takeaway No. 3:

“Pain is amazing. Pain is powerful.”
Our natural tendency is to shy away from pain. But if you embrace it, it will help you get where you want to go.

Takeaway No. 4:

“The struggle is guaranteed. The money is not.”
Building a business will always involve struggle, but all the struggle in the world doesn’t guarantee a financial reward. So what’s the moral? Make sure you’re doing something you love.


Takeaway No. 5:

Tom’s biggest lessons from building Quest Nutrition…
In the early days of Quest, a decision was made that social media would be the only marketing the company would do. The key, Tom said, was to “fall in love with adding real value.”
In real estate terms, that means falling in love with becoming that “knowledge broker” for your marketplace and always operating from that perspective. It needs to be genuine, however. You need to truly want to add value to people’s lives, and trust that you’ll receive business in return.
That trust also extends to eliciting reviews. When Quest launched its nutrition bars, they sent them out to people and didn’t ask for people to say anything in particular. They just wanted them to tell the world what they thought. Do you believe in your product enough to guarantee you’ll receive 98% positive feedback?
Build that authentic connection with your community and evangelize people to become your biggest proponents!

Takeaway No. 6:

Four common threads from Tom’s Impact Theory interviews with successful people.
They all have:

  • A growth mindset.
  • Grit.
  • The ability to push through when things get difficult.
  • A passion for what they’re doing, because passion is the fuel that pulls you through when you get stuck.