I’m pretty sure I’ve made the importance of video crystal clear over the past couple years.
I’ve had my own YouTube channel since 2007, and I’ve been a huge proponent of agents doing video for almost as long.
There should be no confusion that I believe in a “video-first” marketing philosophy for agents.
Internally, we’ve even transitioned to conducting all of our coaching sessions with members via video, dramatically increasing the sensory impact and allowing us to drive success for our members even faster.
Here’s the thing…
When you see someone in addition to hearing them, you build trust faster, you build rapport faster, people feel like they know you, you can communicate more effectively… the list goes on and on.
So why am I telling you all this?
Because I’m extremely excited for today’s announcement.
We are the presenting sponsor of BombBomb’s first annual Real Estate Video Influencers Guide.
And today is launch day!

I’m so proud to be part of this project, for a number of reasons.


Video plays such an integral role in today’s real estate industry! People are doing truly extraordinary things with video, in an amazing variety of ways. There’s so much creativity out there, it needed to be recognized.
Bomb Bomb watched more than 5,000 videos to identify 10 winners (plus extremely worthy honorable mentions) in five different categories:

  • All Around Video Influencers
  • Recorded Video Influencers
  • Home Tour/Listing Video Influencers
  • Community/Neighborhood Video Influencers
  • Live Video Influencers