How Embracing Boredom Can Make You Super Successful – #TomFerryShow

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Would you be willing to embrace boredom in exchange for achieving your goals?

“Embrace boredom?” What’s that mean, Tom?

It means doing mundane tasks day after day after day…

Sounds exciting, huh?

But here’s the promise: When you do them, you’ll become wildly successful.

Do the thing, have the power.

Do not the thing, have not the power.


To-Do List vs. Checklist

There’s a big difference between making a new “To-Do List” every morning and operating from a daily or weekly checklist.

A “To-Do List” relies on your memory and only addresses the here and now.

Your daily and weekly checklists force you to do the things that ensure your business runs smoothly in the short term AND help build your business exponentially in the long run.

That’s what my “Million Dollar Business” checklists are all about.

At Summit, I shared daily and weekly checklists geared toward helping the thousands of agents in attendance add $1 million to their GCI. Now I’m sharing these checklists with you.

Download your own copies here:

Daily Checklist PDF

Weekly Checklist PDF

Then I’d encourage you to watch the #TomFerryShow above to fully understand each task on the checklist.

Don’t just watch it… show it to all of your team members.

Embrace it. Adopt it. Become it.


Avoiding the Real Estate Roller Coaster

For far too many agents, real estate is a business of peaks and valleys. It’s an emotional roller coaster full of highs and lows, riches and poverty, fulfillment and despair.

These highs and lows are a result of operating from a “response” mindset rather than from a master plan.

So let me ask you this: What if you tried to follow the daily and weekly checklists for the next 90 days? Or what if you tried to follow them, but only achieved 85% of the tasks on the lists?

I’m willing to bet you’d have a more consistent business than you have today.
I’m willing to bet you’d have a more successful business than you have today.
I’m willing to bet you’d have a more emotionally fulfilling business than you have today.

You see, embracing boredom doesn’t mean your business becomes boring. In the big picture, it actually makes it exhilarating, because doing those small steps over and over on a daily basis will lead to growth, success and prosperity.

That truly does sound exciting, right?


Let Me Proactively Handle Your Objections

I can hear some of you now…

“This sounds really overwhelming!”

“How am I supposed to do all that every day IN ADDITION TO what I already do?”

“You’ve gone bananas, Tom.”

If these statements sound like the voice inside your head, let me ask you this:

Will continuing to do whatever you’re doing today produce the kind of results you ultimately desire?

At a certain point, you need to realize and accept that what got you here will not get you where you want to go tomorrow.

All I ask is that you TRY the checklist method for 90 days. See what it does for you, for your team, for your organization, for your state of mind, for your bottom line.

Stop scrambling to create a “To-Do List” every morning and embrace the boredom. Post the checklists prominently in your office and make them your main priority.

Don’t let yourself struggle in this business simply because you were unwilling to do the mundane tasks necessarily for true long-term growth and success.

Do the thing, have the power.

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