Today on the #TomFerryShow I will be talking to Jessie Rodriguez from HGTV’s Reality Show Vintage Flip!
Before Vintage Flip, Jessie and his wife started off in real estate buying and selling houses.
They would come across deals and sell them to investors.
After a while he thought, “Why are we passing these deals on to investors when it’s so clear that there is money to be made flipping these houses.”
So they bought one for themselves.
They fixed it, sold it, and ended up making a huge commission!
If you’re passing up deals my friends, you’ll want to watch the rest of this interview and see just how much money you can make by flipping houses for yourself!

Show Summary

Do you recommended this to agents? [3:30]
The #1 question that I get is how do I find investors? [3:55]
Send out a targeted email to a few people you know that would be interested in becoming an investor with you. [4:38]
If you don’t know anyone who would want to invest with you, reach out to your Facebook friends. [5:24]
The other concern is, how do you calculate your own risk formula for price range? [10:54]
What advice does Jessie have for agents who have not been on television? [12:30]