Today I’m going to talk to you about three primary skills everyone needs if you want to convert more of those leads into appointments and ultimately contracts.
If you’re having trouble closing you might be missing these three things…

Building Rapport

Three primary skills you need to improve your lead conversion are building rapport, quality for motivation, and closing.
The #1 and probably most important thing that I see more and more people missing is the art of building rapport.
Imagine a time in your life where you were not in rapport with someone.
That awkward moment where you’re sitting across the table and you’re looking at your phone and their looking at their phone and you are not saying anything.
Imagine if you knew exactly what to do to break the ice to really get to what matters most.
The most basic thing I follow and do every single time I want to build rapport is to mirror them.
We know that people prefer to do business with people just like them.
If I want to be in rapport, I’m going to use the same language they use.
I’m going to speak with the same pace and the same tempo.
If you want to convert more leads, you have to get out of yourself and get in the moment with the client.
I’m listening for their pace and tempo because it’s going to give me insight on whether they are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic in their communication.
I listen for the words that they use, their pace, their volume and their tonality.
You can take just a little bit of their cadence; pay attention to their volume, use their language, by mirroring them.
And what happens my friends, is that we build rapport within the first 60 seconds.
The moment we break rapport we break trust.