Pre-qualify All Decision Makers.
Now, let me ask you a question, if you truly are committed to win every listing appointment you go on, do you put yourself in the situation where you only talk to one of the decision makers? Has there ever been a time in your career where you only talked to one? Ended up not getting the listing because you didn’t talk to the spouse or the other decision maker? That’s the cardinal sin, that’s a no-no. You want to make sure you talk to everybody that’s involved, and the big question is that value elicitation question, what’s important to you about the agent you choose to represent you. What’s important to you about the agent you choose to represent you, that value elicitation question is going to get all of their values. Essentially they’re going to answer the question, hey, when you show up, will you sell me this way? It’s that good, it’s that powerful. That’s number one.
Tailor Your Marketing Proposal
So you’re pre-qualifying up here to find out what’s important to them, what are their expectations, what are their desires? Do they want lots of print, do they want online? Do they not care about any of that stuff and they just want the result? You have to find out exactly what’s important to them, and then tailor make that marketing proposal to match their needs and their criteria. So, we’ve got to get a little less boiler plate and get a lot more customized.
Shoot a “Coming Soon” Video
Ideally in front of the house, and then mail it to you. Remember Spreengs, S-P-R-E-E-N-G-S, that’s that really cool little company where you can buy a box and you can put all your materials inside it and when they open up the box, there’s a video screen. I like the really inexpensive ones, it’s just the card where you open it up and there’s your video playing, you’ve seen these before. But again, it’s a degree of separation, it’s a way to have you stand out amongst the competition.
Create an Avatar
When you’re presenting to the customer, and inside your marketing proposal you can show them that you do things differently from everybody else in the market. For example, I’m going to go in and say, well, the ideal buyer for this home is probably a newlywed couple, maybe they’ve got a child, maybe a child on the way, they’re buying this three-bedroom, two-bath colonial in the move-up part of town, out of a condo as an example, that person on Facebook, in my marketplace, there’s seventy-five hundred of them, or there’s fifteen thousand of them right here in our local marketplace. And you can then say to Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I know the exact type of buyer because I’ve created an avatar based on who they are, and I’ve already done some research on Facebook to let you know, there’s thirty-one thousand of them, and the moment you list your home with me tonight, my marketing team and I are going to go back and run very specific strategic ads directly to them, driving them in their native world, Facebook, right back to your home. Is that the kind of marketing you’re looking for? Boom, shakalaka, you with me?

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