At last month’s Success Summit, I introduced a theme that I believe has the potential to become a very powerful mantra you can use.
It consists of just four simple words.
But when taken to heart, it makes all the difference in the world.
What is this magical mantra?
Ready? Here goes:
“This is MY business.”

I Told You It Was Simple

So right off the bat, your mindset will influence how you interpret this phrase.
“Well, duh Tom, of course it’s my business. Not too profound, buddy.”
That’s one way you could look at it.
The other way will be more productive…
“Damn right this is MY business, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make it a huge success. I love what I do, I love serving my clients and I know deep in my heart that people need my help and I’m the best choice to provide them with what they need.”
Which one are you?

Will You Take It to Heart?

Here’s why I think adopting a “This is MY business” mindset is essential to your success:
A problem I see is too few people actually do take this thought process to heart.
Too few agents actually operate their businesses the way a local restaurant or store owner might run his or her business… With extreme dedication and pouring their all into it every day. (Of course, many do, and the fact that you’re here reading this probably means you already are more serious about your career than many others.)
Maybe it’s the nature of the real estate industry… for many people, real estate wasn’t necessarily their first career. Or their first choice. It might feel like a “fall back.”
And let’s face it… the industry as a whole doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation. I’ve seen agents who mumble out an answer when asked what they do for a living because they lack the confidence and conviction necessary to seize their business by the reins and own it.
Which brings me to my next extremely important point:
No matter how you landed in this industry, that’s in the past. You’re here now, and moving forward, you need to be fully committed. Being a hobbyist or dabbler or anything less than 100 percent committed will not cut it in the “new normalized” market we’re going to encounter in the next year or two.
This is YOUR business! (Or maybe it’s not. But you gotta decide!)