By: Mark JohnsonHead Coach
Coach Mark is Tom’s senior executive for coaching services and provides leadership to all of Tom’s 150+ coaches.

You’ve probably heard of getting training in real estate, but what about coaching?
Although most people would use the terms interchangeably there is actually a difference…
This difference can make a change in your overall effectiveness, success in business, and even your confidence.
Here is what we know:


Training is used for very SPECIFIC initiatives and is usually a onetime event, conference, or gathering.
An example would be your association of REALTORS® rolls out a new version of the purchase agreement or your Multiple Listing Service has a new tool or process.
Training is also for things like new changes in process, procedures, technology, or even regulations.
All the training events you’ve probably attended in the past had a leader or a trainer.
Trainers are typically someone who walks you through a specific process to get a result on a specific item or task.

Fundamentals of Training:

  • Takes place in a group setting
  • Learning objectives is the focus
  • Follows the show me, tell me, let me and test me model
  • Directs learning
  • Training typically has low to no levels of accountability