It’s Thanksgiving day, the one day a year we’re all willing to say what we’re grateful for.

But what about those other 364 days?

It’s time to normalize practicing gratitude on a daily basis. Personally, I make it part of my morning routine.

Why? Because it makes me feel good. It starts my day on a positive note.

And I know this: When you feel good, you perform good.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me do it:

You can do it, too. I know it.


Now It’s Your Turn

So… what about you? What are you grateful for?

You don’t necessarily have to publish it for the world to see. (But really… why not?)

You could simply write 10 things in a gratitude journal every morning.

Or find a gratitude partner and call each other every morning to say what you’re grateful for.

Lots of people I know are shooting quick videos and posting them on their Instagram stories.

Or you can simply post a list like the examples above.

Whatever your method, do something. Make it a habit.

As a result, you’ll feel better, you’ll inspire people, you’ll be more productive… not to mention it gives you something positive to post out into the world – for all of those who say, “I just never know what to post on social.”


Questions & Topics to Get You Started

If for some reason you’re struggling to come up with things you’re grateful for, ask yourself “What do I love…” questions about various aspects of your life.

  • What do I love about my job?
  • What do I love about my clients?
  • What do I love about my team?

And I just jotted down this list of some of the topics I think about when doing my gratitudes every morning. Feel free to borrow from it and make these specific to your life and situation.

  • Family / The people in your life
  • The people in your past… mentors who got you where you are
  • Your state of mind
  • Specific memories or lessons learned
  • What you know / Your areas of expertise
  • Where you live
  • What you do
  • Your health
  • Your energy & vitality
  • The weather
  • Things on your schedule… people you get to see and plans you get to make
  • The beauty of the world around us. (I’m sort of obsessed with Dallas sunrises and sunsets since we moved here.)
  • The gym
  • People who inspire me
  • Good food
  • Your team
  • Your clients
  • The people who are reading this now
  • The haters who motivate me more than they’ll ever know
  • The ability to travel and see the world
  • The ability to learn what you don’t know

You see, it’s not as difficult to express gratitude as you might’ve thought, right?

Make it a daily discipline, and I guarantee you’ll be happier, you’ll attract more like-minded people, and you’ll bring more energy to each and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for you reading this blog.