4 Scripts to Maximize Listing Opportunities Right Now! – #TomFerryShow

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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You open the MLS to find a new listing from the “usual suspect” in your market…

Or you drive down the street and there’s yet another new sign in a yard, and yep, it’s from that same agent…


I think there’s a really simple answer: It’s all about who talks to the most people.

If you’re honest with yourself, are you talking to enough people to find those listing opportunities that are out in the market?

I want to show you how, and I’ll give you four scripts you should use to make it easier. Let’s get right to it.


More Listings Script No. 1: The Big Question for Today’s Market

To make this work, you’ve gotta be willing to pick up the phone.

That means committing to your Hours of Power and speaking to as many people in your database as possible.

In fact, I challenge you to talk to every person in your database between now and the end of August.

When you get them on the phone, start with some rapport building before getting to this essential question:

“With everything that’s transpired and is happening with COVID, I have to ask you… are you living in your dream or ideal home right now?”

Then just stop and listen. Wait for them to talk. The pauses or hemming and hawing are your clues that there’s opportunity there.

Let the conversation unfold naturally and ask strategic follow-up questions to find out what their “dream home” would consist of. Remember, with more people working from home now and into the future, their needs may be changing rapidly. Don’t be afraid to ask!


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More Listings Script No. 2: Put It Out There

The next question in this sequence is to just put it bluntly

“Have you had any thoughts of selling? Maybe trading up or trading down?”

Again, shut up and listen for the clues. If they hesitate or give anything other than a straightforward “No,” there’s room for conversation there.


More Listings Script No. 3: The Hypothetical

Some homeowners may not be aware of the extraordinary demand for their property, which gives you an opportunity to get them thinking and let them do some dreaming.

Create that scenario by asking this hypothetical question:

“With the tremendous increase in buyer demand and very few great homes on the market, I have to ask you… At what price would you become a seller?”

Considering the demand for homes, their “dream” price might not be far removed from current market value, which gets the ball rolling on getting that listing.


More Listings Script No. 4: Who Do They Know?

If you get through questions one through three with no positive traction, be sure to ask this last question to discover any other potential leads out there:

“Do you know anybody who’s thinking about selling?”

Whether it leads to them mentioning a local friend you can contact or an out of town referral, make sure to ask that question. You never know what’s out there until you ask.


Now What? My Challenge to You

If you want to be great and you want to take more listings and not deal with as many buyers, talk to more people! That’s what the best in this business do.

I challenge you to have a minimum of 10 conversations a day throughout July and August.

Are you willing to commit? Can you make that happen? Let me know in the comments below!



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