I’ve been getting a lot of questions and DMs from people who stepped up and have powered through 2020… only to hit a wall in the last couple weeks.

It’s been a challenging year, no doubt about it.

But it’s not time to slow down. It’s time to finish strong and set yourself up for a powerful start to 2021.

Today I’m giving you three simple tips to do exactly that.

Let’s go!

Finish 2020 Strong Tip No. 1: Declare Your Goals in Writing

Just because there’s only 80 days left in the year doesn’t mean it’s too late to make some short-term goals.

You need to declare your intentions to help you get focused and dialed in.

Write down your expectations by December 31 for:

  • How many closings will I have?
  • What was my YTD volume?
  • What was my GCI?
  • How much was I able to save?
  • How many active listings am I carrying into 2021?
  • How many pendings?
  • How much volume will that be?
  • How much GCI will it be?

Also, be sure to set a goal for how many “research phase” buyer and seller consultations you can conduct before the end of the year. Lots of people are going to tell you they’re interested, but want to wait until the new year to make a move. Don’t just say “okay” and put it off. Set up a research phase consultation with them now!

Of course, make sure all these goals are “up and visual” in front of you every day!

Finish 2020 Strong Tip No. 2: Define Your Schedule

You know the old saying… Work expands to fill the time we allow for its completion.

You might think you have 80 days left, but in reality – with the holidays and normal days off – you have far fewer.

So I want you to go through your calendar right now and mark off all the time you’re taking off before the new year. Marking your “time off” will bring extra urgency to your “time on.” You know that clock is ticking, and you’ll be more productive when you do this.