Social Media Checklist: 5 Content Types You Should be Creating to Dominate Your Local Market – #TomFerryShow

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Reading Time: 5 mins, 7 secs

“Social media content” covers a lot of ground.

The options are virtually unlimited for what to post, how much to post and when to post, and if it wasn’t your business on the line, it might not really matter that much.

But that’s not the case. Your business needs social media, and not just any content, but the right kind of content that attracts new business your way.

Your goal with social media should be to put yourself on the consideration set of the largest number of buyers and sellers in your market possible, right?

So in today’s #TomFerryShow, I’m making it simple. I’m giving you five types of content you should be posting regularly to achieve that goal.

Are you checking all five of these boxes?

Let’s find out!


Social Media Content Category No. 1: Show the Real You

Let’s establish this truism right out of the gate here… People like to do business with people they feel are just like them. You’ll see that applies to several of the content categories throughout today’s show.

The first one is to simply be yourself and don’t be afraid to share that on social.

I’m talking about YOU being YOU

With your family, or traveling, or giving insight into your hobbies or passion projects.

Your soft side, your fun side, your goofy side, and even your pets!

Being yourself on social media is the quickest way to connect with people in the most relatable way possible.

Are you doing this… YES or NO?


Social Media Content Category No. 2: Be the Knowledge Broker

When dealing with one of life’s most precious personal and financial assets, people want to work with an expert.

No surprise there, right?

Social media gives you an incredible opportunity to demonstrate your real estate expertise with concise, educational content.

You can go big picture and create a video or blog on “Everything I’ve Learned About Real Estate in My [X] Years in the Business.”

Or you can get more specific and create content based on “10 Things Every Buyer Should Know Before Making a Move in [Your Market]” or “21 Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Their Home in [Your Market].”

Virtually everything that you explain to a prospect, a buyer or a seller is a potential piece of social media content. You know this stuff inside and out, but don’t wait until you’re working with a client to show it off.

Then there’s one topic that’s pretty much a non-negotiable… Everyone should be putting out regular Market Updates that talk about the new properties that hit the market, how many are pending, how many sold, the price per square foot, etc. in your market.

Believe me… Local homeowners want that information, and if you deliver it to them on a regular, recurring basis, you are going to win big in this business. Be the educator I know you can be.

Are you doing this… YES or NO?


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Social Media Content Category No. 3: Show Your Love for the Community

In this category, I’m not talking home prices and days on market as much as I am talking about demonstrating your connection to your community as a whole.

In short, make sure you’re known for more than just real estate in your town.

To do this, interview local residents like restaurant owners or the people who run that little independent candy shop/juice shop/boutique/you name it.

Create content around some of your local parks, museums, recreational opportunities or architecture.

Basically, if it’s something interesting, unique, different, or standing out in any way… make it known through your social content. By doing so, you’ll position yourself at the very heart of your community.

Are you doing this… YES or NO?


Social Media Content Category No. 4: Social Proof

This is the stuff your active clients love… the New Lising alerts, the Just Sold posts, home tours, testimonials and more that show people what you do to GET THE JOB DONE!

When things really get rolling and you’re posting this content across all the platforms – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more – that’s when people start telling you “Wow, I see you everywhere!”

And that’s exactly what you want.

Keep your foot on the gas and keep pumping out that social proof content.

Make it part of your process to capture every client answering this question on video at the end of a transaction: “What was the experience like of working with me?” Then use those testimonials over and over again!

Are you doing this… YES or NO?


Social Media Content Category No. 5: Behind-the-Scenes

Bravo TV wouldn’t be what it is today if people didn’t enjoy getting a peek behind the curtain of a day in the life of real estate agents.

Are you giving people that opportunity?

Whether it’s your early-morning gym workout or a midday team meeting, you need to give people a glimpse at what you do on a daily basis.

Just finish up an interesting meeting with a client? Pick up your phone, open the camera, hit record and tell people about some of the details.

The objective here is to show yourself in action and demonstrate how you solve your clients’ problems day in and day out.

Are you doing this… YES or NO?


It Will Only Happen if You Do THIS…

Now that I’ve given you these five content categories, what are you going to do?

Here’s a hint: Just hoping that you get around to creating these videos and content pieces will not work.

The key is to create a content calendar in advance and schedule what you’ll make and when you’ll make it.

Remember: If it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist and it won’t happen.

The more consistency you can bring to creating this content, the more automatic it will become. Aim for establishing a set time for content creation each week so it’s built into your schedule and part of your routine.



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