Are you relying on content alone to carry the day for you in social media?

Because it doesn’t matter how amazing your content is, if no one is seeing it, it will not move the needle… AT ALL!

So today’s #TomFerryShow guest hosted by Jason Pantana is all about fixing that problem.

And there’s so much info to cover, we’ve split it into two episodes.

Let’s dive straight into the first 10 of 20 ways to optimize EVERY social media post!

Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 1: Hashtags

Hopefully you’re using hashtags already.

The question then becomes are you using them effectively?

Hashtags apply mostly to Instagram and Twitter, although they can be helpful on YouTube as well.

There are five categories of hashtags you should consider adding to every Instagram post, and you have a maximum of 30 hashtags to play with, so choose wisely!

The five categories are:

  1. Trending hashtags… If they are relevant to your post. If they’re not, using them might hurt more than help
  2. Locational… These obviously play a huge role in real estate when identifying your town and your specific neighborhood(s) or market you work
  3. Descriptive… What’s in the image and/or post?
  4. Interest-based… What type of interests are related to your image and/or post?
  5. Intent-based… What is your intended audience seeking to achieve?

Hopefully that gives you more clarity when adding hashtags to your posts!


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 2: Video

“Anything that can be video, will be video.”

This one’s simple. Basically, in everything you do, ask yourself, “Should this be a video instead?”

When the answer is yes, shoot a video.


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 3: Subtitles

Are you asking people to read lips on your videos?

Because here’s the reality of the situation – 85 percent of social media videos are consumed with the sound turned off.

So if you don’t have subtitles on your videos, you’d better hope they know how to read lips.

Moral: ALWAYS add subtitles on your social media videos!


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 4: Thumbnails

Do your videos have #stopworthy thumbnails?

Think about it… When people are scrolling through their phones, you’re competing for attention against every other post in their feed. Therefore, you need some way to grab their attention and get them to stop and devote time to your content.

That means an engaging thumbnail image with text that’s large enough to read on your phone.

Make a promise, grab their attention and watch those views pile up!