How successfully have you adapted your business to meet the needs of today’s consumer?

Never fear… I’ve got two Rockstar agents willing to help you out.

On a recent Pivot webinar, coach Eileen Rivera from Long Beach, CA and top-producing agent Carolyn Young from Loudoun, VA shared their best tips for conducting a “virtual” Listing Presentation.

And today, I’m sharing their best tips with you! I’ve broken it down into five key questions you need answers to.

Let’s jump in!

How Do You Get People Comfortable with Using Zoom?

Carolyn said it’s a great opportunity to showcase the same technology she’ll use to expose their home to potential buyers. Once she’s set up, she simply shares her screen and conducts her presentation as normal.

Eileen said she’s found surprisingly little resistance to using technology, saying even those you might not expect are accustomed to video calls due to using Facetime with family and friends.

For those clients who did seem a little bit apprehensive, Eileen aimed to simplify the process. “It’s like flipping on the light switch,” she’d tell them. “All you have to do is click the link and we’ll all be there together.”

What Happens to the Pre-Listing Packet in the COVID Era?

Eileen said the goal with any pre-listing packet is to create confidence and credibility. Other than the method of delivery and timing, not much changes in a contactless environment.

“I want to get on the Zoom call with the same credibility I would’ve walked through the front door with,” she says.

The key is pacing out what she normally sends into a 36- to 48-hour time frame prior to the scheduled appointment. That can include a video confirming the appointment, testimonials from clients, a video shot in front of the house, Zillow reviews, a video pre-marketing the property to other agents and more.

Your job is to analyze what you typically do and figure out how to deliver that in a digital environment.

Instead of doing a normal video shot in front of the house, she recently did one sitting in her car in front of the house. Those little adjustments can play a big role in showing that safety is important to you.

The more relevant information you can provide the homeowner before the appointment, the better position you’ll be in to get that listing during the appointment.