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These are certainly UNCERTAIN times, if that makes sense.

It’s easy to wake up and not know what to do…

Try business as usual? Nah.

Freak out? That doesn’t help anyone.

Develop an all-new plan? Not a bad idea, but what is it?

That’s what I want to address with you in today’s #TomFerryShow. I’ve got 5 Actions Smart Agents are Doing Now… that will provide some clarity as to what, exactly, you should be doing in the face of this global crisis.

Let’s dive in…


Smart Agent Action No. 1: Increase your MEDS

Carl Jung told us all… How you feel on the inside is what you radiate to those on the outside. So you gotta take care of yourself first.

Which means taking your MEDS:

  • Meditation – To maintain the right mindset and keep your head clear.
  • Exercise – I say this in the most loving way possible (really)… Get off your ass and move your body! Don’t allow this crisis to excuse you from physical activity.
  • Diet – A lot of people will be tempted to turn to food for comfort during these times. Make sure you’re eating healthy to stay at the top of your game.
  • Sleep – Make sure you’re getting enough sleep.


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Smart Agent Action No. 2: Over-Communicate!

Now is not the time to retreat into a foxhole and go “radio silent.” It’s time to step up and over-communicate with the people you’re currently working with, have worked with in the past, are members of your database, and with your community at large.

But you’ve gotta be smart about it. It’s not about reaching out like everything is normal and asking if they’re considering a move. Instead, use these scripts…

  1. Clients under contract: Tell them “I’m here for you. I have your back. What would you like to do?” If they want to pause, let them do so. Doing the right thing is always the right thing.
  2. All your recent leads: Call, text, or send a personal video to EVERY LEAD! Reach out with care and say, “I was just thinking about you. I wanted to reach out and say Are you OK? I just want to let you know I’m here for you.”
  3. Database: Then send a similar message to members of your database. But not a mass email. I want you communicating personally with 20-30 people in your database every day.


Smart Agent Action No. 3: A New “How’s the Market?” Response Script

You hear it on a regular basis anyway, but now people are going to be even more genuinely curious… “How’s the market?”

Here’s my advice on what to say:

“It’s day by day, hour by hour. Some of my buyers/sellers are telling me they want to hold for now, and I’m supporting that decision while I continue to communicate and keep them aware of what’s next. And some of my clients need to sell or buy right now and they’re doing that with our protocols for safety and smart marketing, virtual showings and more.”

Then, stop, and say to them…

“More importantly, how are you and your family doing? Can I help in any way?”

The best bet you can make on the future of your business is bringing humanity to our industry during these trying times.

Smart Agent Action No. 4: Sharpen Your Axe

With some consumers choosing to pause their buying or selling activity, now is the time for you to work “on” your business and your personal skills. Dig into your CRM, practice your presentations, refine your marketing, develop your social media channels, figure out how to use Zoom for listing presentations and buyer consultations, etc.

That stack of books you’ve been meaning to read? Dig in.

Those scripts you haven’t quite mastered yet? Jump on Zoom with a partner and role play.

Tech skills you’ve needed to learn? Take an online course.

If your business is being disrupted, make sure you come out of this crisis better prepared to deliver value when things return to normal.


Smart Agent Action No. 5: Your Next 30-Day Marketing Plan

Marketing in today’s environment requires a whole new approach and must include empathy for those you reach.

Here are three actions you should be taking now…

  1. Email your entire database every single week. Send them current information, coronavirus-related housing statistics from Keeping Current Matters, offers to help, videos from you with your opinion about the market, etc.
  2. Mail to your geographic farms twice a month. Take the info KCM is sharing and make it into postcards to educate and inform homeowners about the realities of today’s market.
  3. Increase your social media activity! Put out positive messages. Be the voice of reason. Do video! Do it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. You will make or break your brand over the next 30 days.


I hope these five actions keep you and your business moving forward. If you want even more strategic guidance and support, consider joining our new Pivot program to access twice-weekly webinars, the Pivot resource toolbox including additional scripts and more! We’ve created it to provide a short-term, low-cost solution to help guide you through these difficult times.



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