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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You begin talking to someone in early November about listing their home, and once things start showing some promise, they suddenly blurt out this dreaded sentence:

“We’ve decided it might be best to wait until after the holidays.”

Or even more specifically…

“We think we’ll get better offers when more people are looking in the new year.”

You can hardly blame ‘em… they’re dealing with their biggest asset, and they think they’re making a wise decision.

But deep down, you know you can get them top dollar now, if only you could overcome their pesky “holiday”-related objections.

Keep reading to find out how.


Let Me Introduce You to Today’s Guest

At Success Summit back in August, one of our breakout sessions was a fun and feisty competition called “The Expired Role Play Championship.”

Today’s guest claimed that title, and his name is Tom Toole III from Philadelphia, PA.

Now, we’re not talking Expireds on today’s show, but dealing with an Expired listing is nothing but a series of objection handlers, and Tom is one of the best at handling them.

So I asked him to join me to address four of the most common “holiday” objections he gets – and how he overcomes them – year in and year out.


Objection No. 1: “No one’s looking for homes right now.”

3 points to make:

  • Lower inventory = less competition for your home
  • Those buyers who are looking are serious; no one does this for fun this time of year
  • With less competition and serious buyers looking, it’s nice to be the one of the only options out there

How Tom Toole says it:

“I can tell you’ve been talking to other agents, because a lot of them are going to tell you that same thing. What I know is that the people that are looking during the holidays, they’re serious. They’re buying a home. And while less volume of homes sell, inventory is also lower. So there’s less competition for you, and when you’re the only option in town and people are losing out on houses and you’ve got serious buyers looking to do something, that’s the kind of situation you want to be in, right?”


Tom Ferry - Success Summit


Objection No. 2: “Won’t my home show better in the spring?”

Important point to make:

  • It’s all about buyers having a positive emotional response to a home. What’s more emotional than the holidays?

How Tom Toole says it:

“The home is going to show well no matter what, if you prep it properly, and we’ve got a service available to do that. It’s about buyers having the right emotional reaction when they walk through the door. And what’s more emotional than the holiday season? Being there with your family, envisioning your memories happening when you see the tree up, when you see the decorations there. So that sounds a lot more emotional to me than just some flowers in the flower bed, right?”


Objection No. 3: “I don’t want to move during the holidays.”

Important point to make:

  • You won’t move now; you’ll probably move in January or February.

How Tom Toole says it:

“The great news is you won’t move. If you sell your home in December, you’re probably not closing until January or February anyway. So you can have your holidays there, do your family thing, which is really important – way more important than real estate – and still not have to disrupt yourself. You’re just getting the home sold and not dealing with that in January and February.”


Objection No. 4: “We don’t want people showing the home during the holidays.”

Important points to make:

  • We’ll work around your schedule.
  • People have time off to shop for homes.
  • You’re making it easier on yourself.

How Tom Toole says it:

“Well, no one’s going to go look at your home on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. There’s a couple days that are going to be a little slower. That’s normal. But they also have more time off then, too, so they have that whole week off between Christmas and New Year’s. People have more time to look at properties. They can see it during the day. It gets darker out earlier during December and in the holiday season, so you’re really setting yourself up to have an easier time showing the home. And who doesn’t want easier showings, right?”


The Big Question: When Is Enough?

At a certain point, people have made up their minds and no amount of rational objection handlers are going to change their mind.

Tom says you’ve gotta trust your gut about when to take your foot off the gas pedal.

“When you feel yourself ticking them off, pay attention to it,” he says.

The key to doing this effectively? LISTENING… Talk less and listen more!

It’s always better to delay a deal than destroy a deal, right?

He also makes the point that it’s crucial to practice these scripts before you unleash them on the public. Role play with others to eliminate the fear and gain confidence.


Bonus Script: Create Your Sphere & COI Holiday Connection Plan

Tom says the holidays give you a perfect opportunity to make phone calls to your database. After some initial small talk or catching up on personal matters, turn the conversation to business by saying:

“Hey I know you’re going to be seeing a lot of people that you don’t normally run into this time of year. If anyone has any thoughts of selling, I’d love to help them the same way I was able to help you. If you could put me in touch…”


Put these real estate scripts to use and keep your business flowing! Let me know your feedback or any questions you may have in the comments below.



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