Time Management Tips: The Real Estate Agent’s Ideal Schedule to Maximize Income – #TomFerryShow

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“How, Tom?… How am I supposed to get everything done when I’m focused on booking more appointments and going on appointments all through Q4?”

That’s the question today’s #TomFerryShow sets out to answer.

And honestly, it’s a good problem to have, right?

More appointments is going to mean more interaction, more experience, more listings, and ultimately, more closed deals.

But sure, it can be a challenge juggling everything when you’ve suddenly booked your schedule full of appointments.

So I’ve got four tips and a couple valuable tech tools to help you overcome that challenge.

Let’s get started…


I Shouldn’t Need to Say This, But…

Before we get to the actual tips, I want to remind you of one of the biggest truths in business:

“If it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist and will not get done.”

That’s why managing your time is so crucial.

Here are three quick pointers for making the most of your calendar:

  • Block your time – Schedule activities in chunks of time
  • Prioritize your actions – Give priority to dollar-productive activities
  • Track and measure – So you know how well you’re sticking to your plan

Okay, now let’s move on to the four tips…


Time Mgmt Tip No. 1: Start with Your Morning Routine (Business Version)

Before you think you know where I’m going with this… WAIT, this is different!

I’ve talked at length in past episodes about the importance of having a morning routine for your exercise, your daily affirmations, your gratitudes, etc.

That stuff all happens before you get to work.

What I’m talking about today is different. This is all about a “business” routine that you do at the start of every day.

Here’s what it entails:

  • Getting in the MLS – You need to be inside your MLS every day studying what’s selling, what’s not, what’s hot, what’s working, etc. Yes… DAILY!
  • Map out your day – Organize and plan who you’ll talk to on this day (online leads, past clients, database, Expireds, etc.) and what are your desired outcomes.
  • Role Play – You don’t exercise without stretching first. So don’t start making calls without warming up your dialogues and rapport-building skills. A quick role play will raise your confidence and give you the courage needed to conquer the day!


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Time Mgmt Tip No. 2: Block Out Appointment-Setting Time

Ok, this one you probably have heard me say before.

But it’s that important that I’ll say it again… and again and again!

We know the two most optimal times to get on the phone and talk to people are 9:00-11:00 a.m. and 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Are those four hours blocked out on your calendar every Monday through Friday as appointment setting time?

They should be.

You don’t have to do all 10 sessions… Just five every week will do wonders for your business.

The reason to schedule 10 is because… Well, stuff happens in this business. And when it does and it wrecks your morning, this way you still have the afternoon as an option. You’re not missing out on your most important business-generating activity because of a so-called “emergency.”

It also provides you the illusion of choice, making you feel more empowered over your calendar.

But if those two-hour blocks aren’t reserved in your calendar?

Yeah, good luck finding that time then. (If you didn’t catch it, yes, that was sarcasm.)


Time Mgmt Tip No. 3: Book Lots of Coffee Meeting & Lunch Meetings

This one you can decide when works best for you… Early morning coffee? Lunchtime hosting past clients?

Whatever the case, you need to have time reserved and built into your calendar for these quick, extremely important “touch base” meetings with your past clients and sphere.

They are a great opportunity to build rapport, catch up, show you care and find new business opportunities… both referrals and direct business.


Time Mgmt Tip No. 4: Determine the Best Times to be on Appointments

Knowing your market and everything else you need to fit into your schedule, I’d like you to determine when the absolute BEST time of day would be to schedule appointments.

Then, reserve those time slots in your calendar.

Then, do everything in your power to fill those slots with actual names to fill your schedule with appointments!

Got it? Good!


Tech Tool Tip: Make Magic Happen for Your Customers

“Schedule time with me. Click here.”

Does your website/email/social media include this phrase?

If not, you’re missing out.

Make sure to use Calendly to allow people to “self-schedule” time on your schedule.

Don’t worry… you’re not going to end up on a 2:00 a.m. listing presentation. Instead, you tell Calendly when you’re available and establish rules for when it can schedule your time, and then it presents those options to people.

We’re living in the era where consumers want to push a button and make magic happen.

Calendly is one of those “magic” tech tools you should definitely be using!


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