Q4 Coaching Tip No. 1: Set Two Goals for Yourself

The first thing I want you to do is set two goals

The first one is how you want to finish 2019… How many calls will you make in Q4, how many Open Houses will you hold, how many networking events will you attend? In addition to those leading indicators, set goals for your end results, too: Closed transactions, sales volume, and GCI.

All of that is just the first goal.

The second one is doing the same exact thing, but for how you want to start 2020. How many pending transactions do you want on January 1? How many active listings or buyers do you want in your pipeline? How many “coming soon” listings will you have based on the work you’re putting in now?

Whatever real estate goals you set, I want you to put them up and visual.

Q4 Coaching Tip No. 2: Examine Past Strategies and Tactics

The next thing I want you to do is take some time to look at what you’ve done this year and see what’s worked, what hasn’t, and where you can double down.

Open Houses? Coffee meetings? Marketing pieces?

If something’s working well, do more of it. If it’s not working well and you’ve truly given it sufficient time and effort to become fruitful, ditch it.

The point here is to become more intentional on the time that you spend and the activities you devote your time, money and effort to.

Q4 Coaching Tip No. 3: Plan Your Holiday Event

This business is all about relationships. If you’re hesitant to commit to some sort of client appreciation party, I can point to countless agents who swear by them and who say they get 3-5 solid referrals every time they throw an event.

Remember, familiarity plus relevancy equals TRUST.

Invite your past clients, invite your vendors and service providers, show them a good time and build that rapport. You have many opportunities between now and the end of the year, whether it’s a night out at the local pumpkin patch, free pies at Thanksgiving, pictures with Santa Claus, a holiday event or a combination of these. Go for it!

Don’t know where to start? Download this case study.