Not long ago, a coaching member named Holly Hendren Moreau from Wake County, North Carolina posted this question in one of our private Facebook mastermind groups:

For those of you who have been to Summit: What is the number one thing you wish you would have done in preparing for your first Summit? I’ve already got my ticket and booked my hotel room.

First of all… Congrats on being proactive to arrive prepared, Holly!
And second, the outstanding responses she got touched on all kinds of specific advice that can only come from those who have been there and done that.
I’ve collected a bunch of them here so you can make Success Summit the most productive four days of your business year.
You might see some overlap in some of these answers, but that just makes them all the more valid.
Let’s get started!

Clayton Estrems of Humble, TX starts us off with several “gems” right out of the gate:

“Masterminds are key. Look and plan accordingly. Don’t get stuck in the same group of people the entire time. Don’t sit in the same seat. Bring a charger and/or charging pack. Have an agent to cover for you while you’re gone.”

Tom Yates of Fleming Island, FL offers an important reminder:

“It’s not vacation. It’s business networking and learning!”

Scott Graff of Tempe, AZ says to eliminate distractions:

“Make arrangements to be fully present  – meaning not having to handle texts, calls, issues. Clear mind. Focused. Sit close, too.”

Ella Jones of Fullerton, CA created a list of 7 great tips:

1. Wear tennis shoes
2. Bring lots of business cards
3. Make sure your cell phone is charged
4. Network!
5. Pack a lunch and/or snacks
6. Get ready to jump up and down
7. Bring a friend!

Jaime Kidston of Cambridge, MA emphasized several important distinctions: