As you probably already know, Success Summit is always one of my FAVORITE weeks that I look forward to all year long. And this year, there’s a special kind of energy buzzing around the room – one of extreme determination that started before the event even began!

The early part of this week was a perfect metaphor for the kind of market so many people are facing right now. It was pouring rain here in Dallas and hundreds of Summit ticket holders had their flights either delayed or cancelled.

But guess what… they persevered and found a way to get here anyway. It’s yet another confirmation that the agents in this room don’t let anything stop them – not the weather, or the market, or excuses.

That kind of commitment is what makes these three days the best of the year. I’m going to share some highlights from the first two days of Success Summit so that everyone who is here with me can have a refresher of all the incredible things we learned, and so that everyone who couldn’t attend can have a little piece of that committed energy to take home with them.


TomX Speakers

We kicked things off with our signature TomX event, where nine Rockstar agents gave 20-minute talks on their journeys and the greatest lessons they’ve learned in real estate. Here are a few ideas that stook out to me:

Jacquie Othen shared why “one happy client plus one happy client equals 11” and gave attendees a layout for her perfect listing presentation which generates referrals and gets sellers to sign with you far before you move to closing.

Alyssia Essig shared five critical steps to bring yourself from breakdown to breakthrough, which included: admitting when you’re not okay, clearing out your physical and mental clutter, finding and getting rid of the right people to fit your goals.

Here at his 15th Summit, Robert Mack shared some of his game-changing direct mail pieces which go beyond the typical “just sold” to present an entire case study on his process of getting homes sold. Are your postcards making that case for your services?

Krys Benyamein recently conquered Mount-freaking-Everest, and at TomX, shared lessons he learned for dealing with discomfort in a way that had the entire room completely captivated.

Gia Silva hammered home the importance of having an SOP (standard operating procedure) to keep the ship sailing smoothly.

Great job to all nine TomX speakers… you killed it!


Buck This Recession

The theme of this year’s Summit was how to buck this recession and DOUBLE your business over the next year. And I challenged attendees to listen for one or two iconic ideas to commit to that will not just bring incremental change to your business, but that have the power to totally transform it.

I also outlined six steps to close the gap between where you are and your greatest self. Which of these do you need to improve?

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Mindset
  • Playbooks
  • Community and support
  • Execution


Lead Generation Playbooks

We knew that this year we had to do something extra to help the agents attending Summit, something seriously special that would give them that edge over all the competition.

This, my friends, is that extra special tool…

We got submissions from over 80 of our top coaching clients who are absolutely killing it in a particular lead generation strategy. From there, we narrowed it down to 14 agent case studies across three categories – Demand, Brand, and Referrals – and wrote them into step-by-step playbooks for each and every agent to R&D.

I can’t share too much here because it would take, well… hundreds of pages, but I just want to share some of the highlights we covered on stage.

Stephanie Younger, Open Houses: Stephanie’s LA team brought in nearly $10 MILLION in GCI in 2021, and most of it is coming from their meticulous process for open houses. Some people would ask why you’d do an open house for the same property three days in a row over the weekend. Stephanie proves you can’t afford not to.

Nikki Weiss, Using a site like is like a simple exchange – you give them a dollar and they give you $5 back. You give them $100, and they give you $500. But that’s only if you know how to use it. Nikki’s playbook breaks down her perfectly refined system for distributing leads across her team in a way that allows them to create lifelong clients and referral business instead of just onetime deals.

Shannon Gillette, YouTube: Shannon has used YouTube as a superpower to skyrocket to the top of her marketplace. Her playbook shows you how to hire the right people for producing content, what kinds of topics to discuss, and how to schedule your filming.


Major Product Reveals

Besides the case studies, there were a ton of big products and services we announced for the first time on stage, but I want to mention two in particular that I think are going to change the way that agents communicate, personally at scale.


Jason Pantana’s MarketingPRO

Jason is our marketing guru here at Tom Ferry, one of our most requested coaches, and host of This Week in Marketing. A few months ago, we decided that agents needed one definitive resource that would walk them through exactly how to use the three most important marketing channels.

That resource is MarketingPro… Jason leads this on-demand class covering everything you need to know about email, social media, and Google Business Profile. This is the ultimate education in real estate marketing, and it launches this fall.


Tom Ferry’s

Yesterday, Tim Smith, Scott Sandland, and I announced a brand new ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE. This is a one-of-a-kind technology that gives you the exact words to say to any individual in any situation and so you can build relationships faster. is going to launch NEXT week, exclusively for our coaching members with an early 2023 release to the general public.

More on this soon 😉


Ultimate Listing Presentation Showdown

If you are going to R&D just one thing from these two days, it might have to be this…

Carolyn Young role played her ENTIRE listing presentation, complete with all of her original slides presented up on the screen. Tom Toole and Emma Lefkowitz were fully committed to their roles as demanding sellers – and they weren’t going easy on her.

This was a perfect example of how important it is to consistently demonstrate your competitive advantage during a listing presentation in a way that comes off as natural.


Other Highlights

  • I always say that knowledge equals confidence. And if you’re looking for knowledge, David Childers is the guy. The man behind Keeping Current Matters shared the market trends everyone needs to know and how to explain them to your clients.
  • We heard from three of the leaders in innovative real estate technology (David Doctorow, Grier Allen, and Greg Schwartz) about how their services are changing your business for the better. Greg even shared a story about how he cut his nose open while surfing with sharks!
  • At our Future of Luxury panel, Meital Taub, Jon Grauman, and Kirsten Jordan shared everything anyone needs to know about breaking into the super high-end. I really loved Kirsten’s three biggest tips for getting started:
    • Get rid of commission breath. It’s about making long-term relationships and being willing to walk away from a deal if it’s not right.
    • Broker-gossip in a positive way. Luxury clients want to know the inside secrets about every single deal that closed or failed.
    • Be ready to suck it up and face your clients when things aren’t going well.
  • We heard from three super young, fresh agents who are CRUSHING IT, right now – Kennon Maurer, Megan Faber, and Vincent Kessel (only 20-years-old) about how they’re closing a ridiculous amount of transactions so early in the game.


And We’re Not Done!

That was only two out of three days, and we haven’t even gotten to keynote speaker Phil Jones yet! So, I hope you’re ready for another exciting day, which starts in just a few hours!