Real Estate Smart Contracts & Blockchain Explained

A major technological shift is underway. With the rise of blockchain technology and real estate smart contracts, savvy agents are finding themselves at a crossroads where innovation meets tradition. Could these advancements render traditional agents obsolete or is this just a phase that will pass?

It’s fair to say that ignoring emerging technology during this period of history would be a mistake. Forward-thinking agents who adapt and enhance their practice first will always be the trailblazers shaping the market of tomorrow. A lot of agents are already using these technologies to set themselves apart in the hyper-competitive world of luxury real estate.

Whether you intend to incorporate blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or smart contracts into your processes, it’s important to at least have a general understanding of them, so that’s what I’ll give you in this blog.

Let’s get started.

What is Blockchain?

At its essence, blockchain is a decentralized ledger that securely records transactions and information. Unlike traditional databases maintained by a central authority, a blockchain is distributed across numerous computers, making it incredibly secure and resilient against fraud. This technology ensures that once a transaction is recorded, it becomes immutable.

You probably know it as the thing that stores cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium, but the technology itself has greater implications specific to the real estate industry, such as the ability to easily create easy-to-understand contracts that take banks and lawyers out of the equation.

Just check out this Inman article about why blockchain will help agents get more deals.

What Are Smart Contracts for Real Estate?

Smart contracts are like regular contracts, except with the terms of the agreement written directly into the code, allowing for the contract to automatically be executed once all of the conditions are met. This means that when both parties agree to all of the conditions and meet them, the contract will enforce all of the conditions without the need for intermediaries. Smart contracts are encoded into the blockchain, making them secure and unable to be manipulated or changed once executed.

Imagine an escrow process that completes itself without your intervention, saving time and reducing the potential for human error.

Will Smart Contracts Replace Real Estate Agents?

No, smart contracts will not replace the need for human real estate agents. The truth is, while smart contracts offer efficiency and transparency, they cannot replace the nuanced expertise that agents provide. Agents are interpreters of legalese, negotiators of the best deals, professional marketers, and personal touchpoints that technology cannot replicate.

Now, there is a chance that they could cut back the needs of some of the other parties involved in a transaction, but I doubt they’ll change the landscape that much anytime soon.

If anything, smart contracts will be a major advantage to agents, especially those working in higher price points with tech-savvy clients.

Benefits of Smart Contracts for Real Estate Agents

Blockchain and smart contracts bring numerous advantages to the table:

  • Enhanced Transparency: Every transaction is visible and verified within the blockchain, fostering trust among parties.
  • Reduced Transaction Time: With automated contract execution, the time between offer acceptance and deal closure is greatly decreased.
  • Improved Security: The decentralized and permanent nature of blockchain records offers unparalleled security in high-stake transactions.
  • Expanded Marketplace: Smart contracts facilitate international transactions by simplifying and streamlining cross-border deals.

The Importance of Blockchain for Luxury Real Estate Agents

Blockchain and smart contracts are a game-changer in the world of luxury real estate, where discretion and security are paramount. The intrinsic value of a luxury agent is not merely in its price tag but in the flawless experience provided to discerning clients. Blockchain enhances this experience by assuring the exclusivity and privacy that luxury clients demand.

Companies Specializing in Real Estate Blockchain Technology


Propy is a pioneer in offering blockchain-based solutions for real estate transactions. They focus on automating the sale process with smart contracts, offering end-to-end solutions that make transactions faster, more secure, and transparent.

Meridio and Atlant

Meridio and Atlant focus on democratizing access to real estate investments. This works by tokenizing real estate assets, allowing for fractional ownership and increased liquidity. Smaller investors can now easily buy and sell shares in a property without the need for significant financial commitment.


Ubitquity provides blockchain-based title and record management solutions. They aim to improve transparency and reduce fraud in the title management process, offering a secure and immutable record through blockchain technology.


ShelterZoom offers a blockchain-powered platform for digital real estate contracts and transactions. Their solutions include electronic document management, smart contract creation, and a secure transaction environment.

Embrace and Prepare for the Future

Regardless of whether or not you think real estate blockchain technology will take over the industry, it’s worth at least being informed on the subject. I’d suggest three things:

  1. Take the time to educate yourself on the new technologies emerging today and how agents are successfully using them.
  2. Start slow. This is a lot to take in and you already have plenty of major priorities during this time.
  3. Get a mentor to help you adjust to the times.

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