Relationships change.
We know this. It’s obvious.
But we don’t act on it nearly enough.
They spark. They fizzle. They thrive. They fade away. They hang on by a thread.
You can probably think of a different relationship in your life for every one of those descriptions.
But here’s the important question:
Are you doing anything to improve the ones that need help?
That’s what this blog is all about.

Introducing the Relationship Reset

What if there was a “reset button” to revert your ailing relationships back to a better place?
Well, there is.
It’s called a relationship reset.
It’s a technique that can work with any relationship in your life, but for the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus primarily on your business relationships and/or partnerships.
Over time, relationships lose meaning, lose touch, lose relevance.
But when you’re in a business driven by your ability to generate leads, including referrals, there’s tremendous value in maintaining those relationships.
That’s where the relationship reset comes in.

Be Willing to Be Vulnerable

Successfully pulling off a relationship reset starts by requesting a meeting to rekindle the relationship.
This might mean sticking your neck out a bit and acknowledging some failings on your part for not holding the relationship together as tightly as you would prefer.
But imagine how you’d feel being on the receiving end of this call.
“Wow, Tom really cares about me.”
It makes someone feel good when you reach out and make a concerted effort to include them in your life and rebuild your relationship.
That’s why a relationship reset can take floundering relationships and make them stronger than they ever were before.