You might not have heard a starting gun, but make no mistake about it…

The race has begun. You’re in an all-out sprint to end the year.

That’s how I’d encourage you to look at the time remaining in 2020.

Today marks just three months left. The start of Q4.

Whether you’re still making up for lost time or you’re striving to establish new personal bests, now is not the time to take your foot off the pedal.

It’s time to go hard. Let me share some tips to keep you motivated…

What Will You Promise Yourself?

A new quarter is always a good opportunity to revisit your goals and establish some new commitments and promises to yourself.

Maybe it’s one discipline you need to practice every day from now until 2021…

Maybe it’s closing strong on the behaviors necessary to reach your 2020 goal

Whatever the case, it’s time to make some commitments and promises to yourself:

  • How many Hours of Power will you do between now and the end of the year?
  • How many appointments will you book?
  • How many listings will you take?
  • How many closings?
  • How much revenue?
  • What about savings goals and money set aside for taxes?

It doesn’t have to be all about the bottom line, either.

Make sure you’re setting yourself up for growth.

So answer these questions:

  • What books do you need to read? Here are my recent recommendations.
  • What topics do you need to learn about?
  • What events will you attend?
  • What people do you need to know or follow?