Addictions = Productivity Killers

As a real estate agent or a professional in any business, there are four addictions that can zap your productivity, happiness, and ability to succeed.

Last week, I hosted what might’ve been the most epic free real estate webinar of all time. If you joined, you’ll remember I talked about four productivity killers and prosperity annihilators that hold back too many professionals in our industry.

Anyone who has been following my content for a while will have heard about them before – I wrote about them in my first book “Life By Design” and I bring them up every now and then just to always keep them top-of-mind.

I call them the Four Addictions, and they’re something we’ve all had at some stage of our personal and professional lives. They’re so natural to us that if we don’t stay consistently vigilant of them, they tend to come back even if we’ve conquered them before.

That’s why we’re talking about them again now. So whether or not you’ve heard this before, I suggest you read carefully and then try to identify them in yourself, because they’re killing your productivity, your decisions, and your happiness.

Let’s dive in…


Addiction No. 1: Addiction to the Opinions of Others

Think about any visionary leader. They get an idea in their mind and push forward with their entire being to get it accomplished. They’re not worried about what anyone else thinks about it and they certainly don’t let critics stop them when they know what is right.

Walt Disney was fired for being “bad” at his animation job. What would’ve happened if he’d let that get to his head and doubt himself? The addiction to other people’s opinions isn’t just a productivity killer, it can entirely stop you from even trying.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t listen to your team or the people you trust to advise you, but it’s vital that you don’t consistently seek validation outside of yourself.


Addiction No. 2: Addiction to Drama

Pay attention to what you talk about and what you think about.

How much time do you spend talking about other people? How much time do you waste being frustrated with what other people are doing?

Let’s just get this straight… “Other people” are not the productivity killers. Your reactions and addictions surrounding other people are what’s actually holding you back. Gossip, drama, and looping thoughts should have no place in your life.

Instead of talking about other people, you should be talking about ideas, actions, and ambitions. Break free from drama and you’ll be amazed how much freer you feel in every area of your life.

Addiction No. 3: Addiction to the Past

Have you ever heard the expression, “’Remember when’ is the lowest form of conversation?” I think that line actually comes from The Sopranos but there’s a lot of truth in it.

For me, the past is a series of lessons to learn from, but it’s far from the only place I get my lessons from. It can give you insights into what worked and what didn’t for a specific decision you need to make, but it’s not somewhere you should be spending most of your time.

The past does not have to affect your future if you choose not to live in it. And just think about how much of a productivity killer ruminating on the past actually is.

Focus on building your future in the present moment by remembering that the past is an addiction. It’s comfy and cozy to spend time there in your mind and your actions, but when you break free, you can create any world you want.


Addiction No. 4: Addiction to Worry

Have you ever made a really good decision when you were scared or worried?

Think about those horror movies where the characters are scared for their lives and start making stupid choices, and you just want to scream, “Don’t do that! Why would they go there?!” Those are the kinds of decisions you make when you’re living from a place of worry all the time.

And in a lot of situations (like making your calls or doing what you have to do), worry doesn’t even allow you to take action.

What would happen if you weren’t worried about picking up the phone or sending that email?

If I ever feel worried about an action I’m about to take, I ask myself four questions:

  • What’s the worst that could happen?
    • It’s probably not that bad. Maybe I just get rejected.
  • What’s the most likely thing that could happen?
    • It’ll probably go well.
  • What’s the absolute best thing that could happen?
    • It could go amazing and change my life forever.
  • What will happen if I just choose to do nothing?
    • Then nothing will change.

Those questions always take me out of a place of worry and put me into a mode of creating solutions.


No More Addictions, Productivity Killers, or Energy Drainers

If I were you, I’d take these four addictions very seriously, because they’re standing between you and the life you want.

There’s a reason I call them “addictions” because quitting them is hard and takes a lot of vigilance, but when you get past them, it’s more than worth it.

If you need any help breaking them, that’s one of the most fundamental aspects of having a coach. They’re experts at identifying these addictions and pulling you through them because they’ve done it for themselves to achieve success in their own businesses.

Want to know more about how it works? Schedule a free call with one of my experts to learn more. And if you’re about to exit off this page, I want to stop you and ask you those four questions…

  • What’s the worst that could happen?
  • What’s the most likely thing that could happen?
  • What’s the absolute best thing that could happen?
  • What will happen if you do nothing?