Do you know an agent who is constantly using excuses?
Maybe that agent is someone you see in the mirror every day!
John Wooden once said “Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.
Here’s the thing about excuses…
When you give in to them, they become your new reality.
Because, excuses are an easy way to blame an external circumstance or reason why things aren’t going the way you want them to.

Common Excuses

In my nearly 30 of years of helping agents be more successful, I’ve heard all the excuses in the book!
Here are the top 3 excuses I hear most often, and some ways for you to overcome them.

1. “I’ll probably start tomorrow…”

Starting tomorrow isn’t an option!
Procrastination won’t make it better, and as my mentor Brian Tracy used to tell me, “You have to eat the frog first!”
Meaning that instead of waiting around listening to those excuses you have to take action on the difficult thing first!

2. “I don’t know my goals, and they aren’t up and visual.”

If you don’t know your goals, it makes it really tough to be successful!
When you are clear on your goals, you know which things to focus, and we all know what you focus on expands.
I tell agents all the time, you have to have your goals up and visual so people can see them!
Having your goals up visually keeps them on the top of your mind and will also lead others to hold you accountable.

3. “I’m just too busy right now…”

Everyone is busy and we live in a culture that places value on being busy.
Most of the time “busy” is really just an excuse for not focusing on the priorities and things that generate revenue in your business.
Don’t let “being busy” with little things be what prevents you from taking action and achieving success.