Member Spotlight: Rick Hogue

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Rick Hogue, Keller Williams

Rick Hogue is an EcoBroker and Team Leader of The Hogue Group, Keller Williams Realty Louisville. After 20 years as an independent business owner, Rick decided to close his business and get into the Real Estate Industry in 2008. Unfortunately, his timing into the market couldn’t have been worse! He turned to coaching to assist with growth and his goal is to close 180 transactions this year.

Rick shares his story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“I’ve been in the real estate industry for nearly eight years.

Essentially, I became a real estate agent because my other love of my life, my computer business, started going downhill after 20 years in business.

I said to myself, “I’ve got to make more money.”

So in July of 2008, I decided to get my real estate license.

Then, only two months later, the real estate market went through the toilet.

My wife asked me if I wanted to stick with it, and I said, “Sure. If I can make it now, I can make it any time.

My first year, 2009, I had some health problems for about 3 months but ended up doing a little over $1.4 million, 17 transactions. It was a good first year, especially in a down economy.

My second year in real estate I completed about 32 transactions. Then, third year about 36.

I was steadily growing the business on my own but was always looking for ways to get better.

Another agent in my office said that he was in the Tom Ferry Coaching Program and said that he was very pleased with the coaching he was getting. I was ready to try something a little different, so I started watching the Tom Ferry Show on YouTube.

Watching Tom on YouTube was an eye-opening experience for me.

Here’s the thing … what Tom was talking about was things that I was always hearing from other people but it was presented in a way where it made more sense to me.

I decided to attend a Tom Ferry Event, and after that, I made my mind up and joined coaching. I have not been sad or sorry about it since!

The biggest change I’ve seen since joining coaching is that my business is GROWING.

We’re growing a lot, and I think part of it is because I actually KNOW what my numbers are.

My Coach Kristen has really nailed it into my head: know your numbers, know your numbers, know your numbers! She’s stayed on me to make sure that I get everything written up.

We started off with a business plan. I had done business plans before, but they kind of sat on the shelf. Now I have them sitting out.

I now do a profit and a loss every single month, and that is really keeping me on track, so that I’m making more money and spending less…

…That really makes my wife happy. 🙂 

Speaking of my wife, coaching has also allowed me to have more time with her.

I get home around 5:30 in the afternoon now rather than being here at the office until 7:30. I’m more alert. We have conversations about more than just real estate, which is great.

I’m also having more time now to read books that aren’t just books on business but also books for personal growth.

Overall, coaching has really helped me with planning and putting systems in place.

Coach Kristen has done a great job with me. We get off on tangents. However, she brings me back on track, so that’s a real big thing.

I’m seeing bigger paychecks and I’ve been able to build a team with the help of coaching.

Our goal this year is to close 180 transactions.

This is a BIG jump from my first few years in the real estate industry.

And it all feels possible with the support from my coach and the entire Tom Ferry Team.”

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