Member Spotlight: Jacquie Othen

Member Spotlight: Jacquie Othen photo
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Jacquie Othen, Othen Group, RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Group

Jacquie Othen is a Real Estate Agent and Team Leader for the Othen Group, a full service team specializing in homes and condos in the Greater Toronto Area. Jacquie joined the Tom Ferry Coaching Program after previously experiencing some bad coaches … and is now on track to finish the year at $700K GCI!

Jacquie shares her story and experience with the Tom Ferry Coaching Program:

“I was fortunate to have climbed the corporate ladder early in life. I had an amazing corporate job but decided I would make my father happy and finally get into real estate.

I studied while I was at home on maternity leave back in 2011 and never went back to corporate life.

I knew I wanted to improve my real estate skills so I looked into coaching…

Unfortunately, I made some mistakes early on and hired several of the wrong coaches.

I signed up for a free coaching call (by accident really) with the Tom Ferry Team … which changed everything for me.

I always knew I could build a really successful business, but I just wasn’t sure how to do it right.

At this point in my career I was maybe at $40K in GCI and only 3 deals (I’m embarrassed to admit that!).

But everything Tom said made sense and spoke to me.

I joined coaching after a lot of support and follow up from Brian Eliel and honest feedback from a Tom Ferry coaching client. I was told I had to attend an event as soon as I signed up and it was the best advice I was given.

My husband signed me up, booked my flight and I was sold.

Since then, we’ve gone more than 10X what I was making when I first started!

We are well past $500,000 GCI and should break $700,000 this year.

We are excited about this number and want to DOUBLE it next year.

I’m a huge fan of Tom and his entire company.

One thing I’d like to add … I had honest feedback from coaching clients before I joined and I will gladly offer you the same thing. If you are struggling with whether to sign up or not, I say go for it!

Ask me or other agents and they will all tell you how much of an impact coaching has made on our business!”

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