Anthony shares his story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“I’m an east coast guy born and raised. Seventeen years ago, I moved out to Arizona to work with my Uncle in Commercial Real Estate.

Instead I was offered a job in Title & Escrow as a Sales Executive, having no idea or experience in the real estate industry.

Back in the day, I was that cocky kid, bringing in great numbers, good money, making a name for myself within my company, the world is going to be mine and never thought I would need help or advice from others

In 2013 things started to change.

I knew I had to adapt how I was doing things to get to next level and one of my team members (Tom Ferry coaching client) convinced, coerced, and begged me to attend this Tom Ferry Summit

I am SO grateful to her for this.

So I attended my first Tom Ferry Summit August 2013. I thought, “why not get out of 115 degree AZ summer and go to Disney?”. I went totally with the wrong mindset, still cocky and coaching was the LAST thing I’m thinking I need. But WOW was I wrong.

My mindset changed at Tom Ferry’s Summit.

I was pumped up and signed up for coaching on the spot.

Joining coaching has been the #1 decision and BEST investment in my career.

I’m not a Real Estate agent, I’m in the Title and Escrow industry. So let me tell you how has Tom Ferry and his coaches have assisted me in my career so far…

Right after the Summit I was notified and invited to FNT National Sales awards banquet for being Top 10% Sales in the country.

After my first year in coaching the following year I jumped into the Top 5% Sales for the FNT Title companies nationally.

I was becoming a different person in my field and it was being noticed.

Later that year one, my goals were achieved, and I was promoted to VP/Director of Sales & Marketing with Lawyers Title of AZ.