Consider this blog a quick coaching session from me to you.
And fair warning: The message might sting just a bit. But believe me, it’s delivered with good intentions. (And if it does sting, that means you needed to hear this.)
Just a few weeks ago, I published a blog of book recommendations.
You can almost consider this blog an important addendum to that message.
But it applies to much more than just books.a
In addition to recommending books to read, I often talk about the importance of getting out of the office and attending events, whether they’re mine or someone else’s.
Books, events, online training, learning from your broker, learning from your peers… all of these things are so important to fuel your mind and fill you with ideas and knowledge for your business.
You agree, yes?

I’m Getting to the Point

Okay, here comes today’s important lesson…
While we all agree it’s absolutely essential to continually learn and grow…
All the knowledge in the world means NOTHING if you don’t act on it.
If you’re not turning these lessons you learn into actions, the lessons are worthless.
Finishing a book or attending an event makes you feel good inside. You feel a sense of accomplishment.
But don’t fool yourself.
Really, you’ve only taken the first step. And it’s the easier of the two steps I’m talking about.
“Knowing” is one thing. “Doing” is what makes things happen.
Doing is what puts knowledge into motion.
Doing is what makes your goals a reality.
Doing is what allows you to live a fulfilling life.
My main message today is this:
Never confuse “knowing” for “doing.”
You must implement what you’ve learned to make it valuable.