A Plan Seven Years in the Making

For seven long years, Jamie had an idea brewing in the back of her head.
Then she got more than she ever asked for… literally.
Since 2009, Jamie has been a licensed agent and office manager for a real estate office and property management company in the small town of Shelton, Washington. In the years since, Jamie built an affinity for the property management side, and dreamt of one day purchasing it from her broker, who owned both.
In May 2018, Jamie and her broker each found themselves at a crossroads in life. One day, they decided to go to lunch together, and Jamie mustered all her courage. She asked straight out, “Would you sell me the property management company?”
Her broker’s reply?
“How about both of them?”

A Monumental Decision

Jamie didn’t answer right away. She wanted the property management company, but had never even considered owning the real estate office as well.
She had a lot to think about…
…a huge financial commitment.
…the demands on her time as a single mom raising two kids.
…AND a nagging fear based on her relative inexperience in the industry.
Outside of her role as office manager, she had sold a maximum of FOUR properties in her best year ever. In a small town with far more experienced sales agents, Jamie wasn’t sure if she would command the necessary respect to be able to attract skilled agents to her brokerage.
But ultimately, the pros far outweighed any cons.
“I woke up one day and said I’m gonna try it,” she says. “I know I can build the best brokerage in the area with the best people.”