Creating massive action requires a shift from ideation to implementation.

If you attended last week’s INSANELY AMAZING Success Summit, you have plenty of ideas for your business. But as you’ll likely remember, ideas won’t save you in this market. Only massive action will, and that requires moving from ideation to implementation.

Ideation is a vital first step and something we can help you with in a talk or a seminar. Implementation on the other hand… that’s up to you and your coach.

Now that Summit is over and we’re moving into the implementation phase, this blog will help you sum up a massive action strategy based on everything we discussed at Summit. Obviously, we’re not going to even scratch the surface of what was covered, but it’ll give you a good place to start. 

This is how it works – I give you three categories and you plug in one strategy for each based on what resonates with you and your priorities. 

Hopefully you’ve already identified your priorities and texted/called your coach, but if not, this is your gateway to massive action, so let’s dive right in!


Massive Action Checklist, No. 1: A Mindset Routine

You know that even though I love speaking at Summit, my favorite part of those three days is being able to listen, learn, and take tons of notes – and that’s exactly what I was during Shawn Achor’s mind-blowing keynote speech. For me, it was one of the highlights of the greatest Success Summit yet.

Here are just three key takeaways from Shawn:

  • “The greatest predictor of your sales performance is the lens through which you see the world.”
  • “The greatest predictor of your future success is your optimism score.”
  • “By identifying the meaning behind your stress, you can determine the effect the stress has in either motivating you or breaking you down.”

Clearly, your mindset routine is the very first thing you need to bring from ideation to implementation.

Shawn suggested an exercise that I believe every single real estate agent needs to be doing every day. So while I’m offering you a few suggested choices later on, this is the mindset routine I think you should start with:

Every day, set aside 10 minutes to think about and then write down three things that you are grateful for. But here’s the kicker… never repeat the same thing twice. Shawn’s research proves that it’s the SCANNING for new things to be grateful for that activates optimism in the brain – not just recognizing the same things.

Don’t skip this exercise!


Massive Action Checklist, No. 2: An Ai Strategy 

If the 2023 Summit had a main topic of discussion, it would definitely be Ai. Jason Pantana held three entire sessions on the best Ai uses and tools, and I discussed the upcoming release of my new real estate Ai technology for coaching members.

So, if we’ve spent so much time talking about it and demonstrating the successes, Ai clearly isn’t something you can afford to keep theorizing and ideating on. You need to start implementing it into your business NOW – because other agents will.

The question is, where will you start? There are so many different types of Ai out there and implementing them all at once would be more of a derailment than a productivity boost. The answer depends on your priorities.

Here are a few good starting points based on the many powerful Ai tools we discussed at Summit:



  • Writing SOPs
  • Building a business plan
  • Copy and SEO for blogs and social posts
  • Video ideas
  • Video scripts



  • Allows you to edit the script of your videos (AFTER THEY’RE ALREADY SHOT)
  • Makes editing videos a lot easier
  • Increases confidence by allowing you to make mistakes while filming
  • Add effects and backgrounds to make videos more dynamic



  • Fantastic Text to Voice
  • Create audio for blogs
  • Clone your own voice for video voice-overs
  • Produce MORE high-quality audio content faster


There are plenty more that we don’t have time to delve into here, but nothing is off the table. All I want you to do is pick an Ai and start using it. Once you’re seeing results, go ahead and start with another.


Massive Action Checklist, No. 3: A Script

No massive action checklist would be complete without a good script, but the type of script you’re using, again, depends on your needs… 

You know that scripts aren’t just for conversion and prospecting, right? You can use scripts in your marketing.

Just think about my buddy Jimmy Mackin’s Summit talk on marketing for listings. Jimmy is the CEO and co-founder of Curaytor, one of the hottest real estate marketing companies today. He’s worked with hundreds of the top teams to generate more listings, and shared tons of the strategies he’s seen work.

One piece of advice he shared related to both marketing and conversion is… Keep all your communications in the realm of providing value. Even when you’re asking for business or referrals, the focus should always be on the consumer’s best interests, not yours. 

He actually showed us a template for every email he sends out, which goes like this:

  1. Compelling subject line
  2. Interesting piece of data or hook to grab the audience
  3. Provide value
  4. Have a CTA or “next steps”

It’s that simple. Let me know in the comments what script you plan on implementing starting this week.


Massive Action Never Begins Tomorrow

Here’s the thing about massive action… It’s massive. It’s backed by tremendous commitment, hunger, and energy. But that’s just one of the reasons why so many people never take it. 

Want to know the most common reason? 

Because they get stuck overthinking… They get so caught up in ideation that they never take the next step into implementing those ideas. I bet you know those people who read a ton of books on self improvement but never actually do anything with the knowledge they’ve developed. Don’t be that person. 

Start now. And if you feel the mental blocks holding you back, I know a bunch of professionals who can help you break through and achieve the momentum you’ve only been able to dream about.